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Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Your so *** I installed there product for 2 yrs. every major gutter protection company is #1 in a *** magazine.

Leaf filter does not pay there help in full. You can buy gutter Rx comes with a 20 yr. warranty for 8$ For a 10 ft. Piece.

All aluminum no vinyl trash. And it's 90% cheaper then leaf filter or there competitors. They Lie to every customer. they have told me to lie to them they currently owe me 2000$ for work I done for them

I'm a small business owner who works hard I'm not a competitor I loved leaf filter they kept me steady work most of the time.

But if you get paid 12000 dollars for a gutter and filter job and they can't pay the installer the agreed upon labor bill that they quoted not the installer(They pay by the foot)(and for gutters the installer buys the D/S, gutter coil) (so when you buy your gutter material you get more on the footage when you buy the gutter stock.) so 12000$ all they bought was the filter. Owed 2000 to installer only payed them 700$ which only payed the gutter materials,gas ,and help. And they do this all the time. In every state.Repeat I'm not a competitor I'm an honest hard working American who couldn't pay his bills because of leaf filter *** me out of money every month for 2 years.

I recommend if you ever need gutters Or gutter protection Please call a local contractor gutters are only 3 to 5$ per linear ft. And gutter protection for same price.not this 30$ and 20$ a foot bull ***. Like all the major protection companys.

So I urge you to contact your local contractors the ones that still use the phone book to advertise and live 20 minutes from you not 3 hrs or 300 miles and you want have to worry about a pissed off installer coming back and tearing everything back down cause they didn't get paid for the job. That you payed them 5000$ for and they can't pay there help 300$ for installing it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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