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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi there - We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your gutter system. This is not indicative of LeafFilter's typical performance. We have every desire to address your issues, including your pine needle problems nad where the valleys meet. Please feel free to contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566 to dicuss your situation further.
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Reason of review
Bad quality

They are right, nothing enters the gutters, not even the rain. Once the screen gets covered with debris it stays and clogs the screen.

No good with the smaller type pine needdles. Not good where valleys meet. Service call, they blame everything on your roof. I asked " why did you install it if my roof isn't right".

The answer," we are not trained in how the roof is put on". Have an excuse for everything.

A bad product and I would not recomend to anyone. I was taken.....

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LeafFilter North - Used Car Salesman

Hi there - I am truly sorry to hear that you were less than satisfied with your sales experience. You are right -- LeafFilter will not work on every home, which is why we will never install product on your home if we know it won't work. One of our representatives will inspect your unique situation before providing you with a custom quote to ensure LeafFilter is a good fit for your roof and home. Our pricing structure depends on a number of different factors, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. This may cause the price of LeafFilter to differ from your neighbor or someone you know. This link may able to help you further: If you would like to discuss your situation further, you can always reach out to our dedicated service team at 800-749-4566.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

The tactics employed by sales staff, call center employees, and service managers is that of a used car dealership. They are so focused on the goal of making the sale in 3 days that they don't care if the product works on your home.

Installers will install a product on a home that has roof issues that will render the product useless. You will never get a straight answer on price, as the price is not fixed! If you want the product here is secret- make them wait 3 days to get the best offer! Sales managers are taught intense high pressure sales tactics.

The product does not work for every home.

And whatever you do don't buy replacement gutters from them! OVERPRICED!


LeafFilter North is a paying client of Opinion Corp and utilizes its services to proactively identify and correct customer service issues.

LeafFilter North - Keeps the Birds Off of the Roof

This system not only keeps me off the roof. It keeps the birds from building nests in my gutters, and keeps my home much cleaner. No more bird droppings on my deck. LeafFilter solved my problem. I was so happy with the job, I had them do my mothers home across the street also. Thank You LeafFilter Company!
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Reason of review
Good quality
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LeafFilter North in Raleigh, North Carolina - LeafFilter ripoff and rude sales person

Hi there - I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your sales experience. LeafFilter asks each homeowner to be present during our demonstration to alllow the homeowners to make an informed decision about the investment for their home. The reason we include a demonstration, along with a customized quote, is to inform the homeowner of how our product works. We believe that this will help the homeowner to make an informed decision. Pricing structure varies on a number of different factors including the number of stories on your home, inside/outside corners, and if you need gutter replacement. This link may explain more
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  • Bad service
  • Dishonesty
  • Bad sales practices
Reason of review
Poor customer service

I called for a quote. They told me the only do appts at 5pm or 7pm and they want all homeowners present.

I told them I was the owner, and the lady on the phone pushed me to determine whether I had a spouse and that s/he must be present. I told her it was irrelevant. The salesperson did not call to confirm the appointment, but he did show up at 5pm, and I told him I had only 40 minutes before I had to leave my home to make an appointment. He complained that he drove about 1.5 hours to get to my home.

I offered to reschedule, and he said no. Again, he asked me where my spouse was, and I told him it's irrelevant. He kept pushing, and I told him he was being rude and that I shop all the time without persons asking me where is my spouse. He then measured and came inside to give me the quote.

Instead of just giving a quote, he pulled out his kit and insisted on explaining that the steel was surgical grade, they have never had any clogs or problems, then proceeded to read about 30 slides. I told him I didn't have time and I was interested only in the guarantee and the price as I'd done some research. I asked him to email me a quote. He kept going through the slides.

Then he quoted me $6,800 and started explaining financing. I said I wasn't interested. Then he quoted $6,500, then he said he'd give me the "commercial price" of $3,968 best offer. I said no and again asked him to leave, so he said final offer is $2,700.

I asked him to leave my home multiple times and he would not. Finally he left. I called the HQ to complain, and a manager called me back and offered me $2,200. I told him I will not do business with a company that tries to sell a $2,200 product or $6,800, wastes my time, and would not leave my home when asked.

This company is endorsed by Consumer Reports, but I would never do business with them. The salesperson claimed they have had ZERO issues with the product, that it NEVER clogs, and that it requires NO maintenance. Based on reviews on this site, that claim is plainly false. The salesperson was rude, it's a hard sell, and I would never do business with this company.

My home is under 2,700 sq/ft and two stories. I hope my elderly neighbors didn't get taken by the extreme pricing and financing initially offered.

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LeafFilter North in Indianapolis, Indiana - Sales Tactics

Hi Karen, We are very happy to hear that you are pleased with our company service representatives. Thank you for being a satisfied LeafFilter customer!
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  • Good customer service
Reason of review
Good customer service

The sales representative from Leaf Filter just left my house a few hours ago. I had expressed interest in the product and receiving a quotation at our local county fair and received a discount coupon. Because of the coupon amount, I was not expecting the estimate to be cheap; however, this is my home and I don't want "cheap". I have been considering some type of leaf/debris system for my gutters for a few years, and I have done research as well as polling co-workers for their experiences with gutter protection systems.

The salesman was on time and courteous. He did talk about other guard systems and was equitable in mentioning positives as well as negatives of competitors' systems. I asked him about replacing my gutters because they leak from the seams and are slightly bent in some places. He could have easily taken my question and padded the potential sale; however, he stated there was no reason they could not seal the gutters and take care of those issues without incurring the cost of gutter replacement (sealing gutters is something they do as part of the Leaf Filter installation not an additional charge).

The salesman made special notation regarding my color choice. Currently, my gutters are white; however, I am having my house painted in the near future and beige is my chosen accent color. He wanted to make sure there was no mistake in this regard.

The salesman did offer a special discount for summer installation rather than waiting until fall, though not the unrealistic thousands of dollars I've read in some of the posts on this site. The starting price was reasonable for a quality product that will protect my home from water damage. But, like any product or service, prices are always negotiable.

Installation is tomorrow, during the day, and the salesman stressed the importance of my being here to inspect the installation. I will let you know how it goes. So far, I am satisfied with the representatives of this company.

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Leaffilter North - Leaffilter Gutter Guard Review

Hi there - We’re sorry to hear that you disregared LeafFilter after reading negative reviews. We have served 150,000 customers and every customer is important to us. We have received over a 4 star rating on TrustPilot, we are BBB accredited, have mostly A/B ratings on AngiesList, and a high satisfaction rate on HomeAdvisor. I would encourage you to weigh the negative reviews against the positive reviews and focus on the positive reviews from our thousands of customers we have assisted over the past ten years
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Thanks to all who posted. Got a nice looking ad in the mail.

I was picking up the phone to call when I decided to do a little research and found this site.

Needless to say I didn't call and the ad went in the trash. Thanks for saving me the headache.

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LeafFilter North in Columbus, Ohio - Worst Product Ever and I Fell for It

Hi there - I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your system. We have every desire to address your needs. LeafFilter is made out of a medical grade stainless steel coating -- so nothing organic will adhere to it or stick to it. We have a dedicated service and support team at corporate, and local service technicians in your area. We would love to come and assess your situation and see if we can provide a solution. Please contact us at 800-749-4566.
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  • Rude customer service after sale
Reason of review
Bad quality

Salesman's pitch was wonderful and he was able to lie about the performance of this product with a straight face. It is true that leaves will not get into the gutters.

It is also true that leaves and debris stick to the special nonstick coating and if you have a two story home, you will need help several times a year to clean the covering. The staff (2 years ago) were not only rude and born with an innate ability to talk over the conversation, but also lack the ability to use appropriate customer service skills to solve a problem. I tell everyone about this company and would have been much better off if I hired someone to clean my gutters 2-3 times a year. When my gutters are clogged with debris, I have a waterfall when it rains outside my front door.

Please don't let these people in your home; you will regret it.

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LeafFilter North in Jonesborough, Tennessee - Poor product and a complete failure

Hi Camellia, We apologize for the inconvenience and will forward your feedback to our customer support team. If you are still experiencing issues with the LeafFilter system, please contact us at 800-749-4566 so that we can come to a solution. Thank you!
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Reason of review

These gutters were installed into gutters that needed replacing to start with. Not only that the water runs over the edge in the winter creating ice runoff.

I have never experienced such high pressure. Thank goodness I only had the front gutters done. That was 80 feet with 10 right angles at a charge of $2520.00. That is $31.50 a foot.

Took the installer 3 hours to install. This is the biggest rip off in the world. The contract is gross too. You normally have a three-day RIGHT OF RECISION but they have excluded that right by putting into the contract that if you exercise that right you will pay them 25% of the contract cost.

This is something that can be corrected in court. The salesman wanted to install them the very next day. Domonick Tagliavia was the salesman. I will never sign a contract on like this again.

Be WARNED these gutter products are very poor and you will be sorry if you purchase them.

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LeafFilter North - Review in Household Services category from Parsippany, New Jersey

Hi Paul, We apologize for the inconvenience. Our service support team is dedicated to resolving any product issues you may have. Please contact us at 800-749-4566 so that a local technician can assess your situation and ensure our gutter guard system is performing at its optimal capacity.
#871453 Review #871453 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Poor customer service

We had leaf filter installed 2 years ago. This year we had some gutters ovwrflowing.

My husband has called them a number of times, telling us someone will call you back. Yesterday, he spoke with John, possibly a manager, and we were told someone would be by today Friday, June, 24, 2016, it is 5:15 pm and no one has shoqed up or even called. We called the office and they are closed!!!!

Hoqevwer, when we agreed to have it installed, they couldn't get here quick enough. Very poor business practice!!

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LeafFilter North - Review in Household Services category from Hudson, Ohio

Thank you for your feedback. We take our reviews seriously. As you pointed out, reviews can be left on a variety of sites including TrustPilot, Angie's List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.
#866433 Review #866433 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Here's a repost...but one with solid information. Oddly, the first reccomendation of "posting on the company's facebook page" is no longer valid. Huh, it looks like leaffilter opted to turn off facebook's review functionality...why would a company do that??? Lol.


Posting on this site may make you feel a little better. It’s a good place to vent. But, you’re not going to get a resolution to your leaffilter problems by posting here. Want to get a resolution from Leaf Filter, or any home improvement company? Just follow the steps below.

1) Facebook

- Post a REVIEW on the company’s Facebook page(s).

- Don’t post a comment to their wall. Post a REVIEW with the star rating. When you post a review the company cannot delete or edit it.

- LeafFilter has 2 Facebook pages where you can leave a Review:



Posting Facebook reviews has high visibility, they can only be edited or removed by you, and they will help you get help.

2) Post Reviews on More Prominent Review Sites

- TrustPilot (

- Home Advisor.

- Yelp.

- Angie’s List (if you are a member).

Posting on these sites will impact the company’s marketing and will help you to get a resolution.

3) Better Business Bureau

- File a complaint with your local BBB.

The company will have to respond and defend their actions to the BBB. If/when the BBB receives enough complaints the company’s rating will fall OR they will lose their BBB accreditation.

4) Google Maps/Business

- Find the company on and add your reviews.

- Much like Facebook reviews these can only be edited by you and they have strong public visibility when people search for a company online.

5) Feds & State Government

- Federal Trade Commission:

- File a complaint with your state’s attorney general.

- It’s unlikely that your one complaint will cause a response. But if these offices start seeing the same company’s name over and over again they will eventually take action.

- NOTE, if you are a senior who feels you were misled be sure to include this information.

6) Cash is King

- Last, but for from least, did you pay with a credit card or financing?

- If so, great! Contact your financial institution and dispute the charges. Your credit card company or bank will side with you until the matter is resolved in your favor.

If you want to vent, this site is a great resource. If you want to take actions that will get you results then just follow the steps above.