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Leaffilter North Gutter Review from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Hi there - Thanks for being a valued LeafFilter employee. That's right - LeafFilter will protect your biggest investment -- your home-- and keep homeowners safe and off the ladder.
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Reason of review
Good quality

I've been a Leaffilter representative for almost 5 years in Michigan. I also have this product on my own house for 3 years now. I have been reading all these stories and reviews of LF problems in its function and service provided. I know that what we promise in our demo is not over promised. This is the best design out there and it keeps all your *** out of your gutters and will take an amazing amount of water without overflow. It does help with ice keeping from building up in your gutters too.

I'm glad I bought it for my own home.

We only install new gutters and Leaffilter, not windows, roofs and siding too. We specialize in 1 thing and do it very well.

If you decide to purchase Leaffilter it will protect your biggest investment your home also the safety factor keeping you off the ladder. AK

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LeafFilter North in Mansfield, Ohio - Arrogant salesman

Hi Mike, I apologize for the inconvenience. We have forwarded your feedback to the management team and will take it into consideration.
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  • Price
  • Does not work as advertised
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Salesman came for an estimate. Measured, and gave me an estimate.

Thought it was high, and thanked him for coming. The salesman then, became arrogant and said,"you mean I came all the way up here and you're not going to buy it?" Just became very mean, and on and on. I sarcastically told him, well this was a pleasant experience, and told him to go. He grumbled all the way to his car, where his dog waited.

Don't think this kind of company is for me.

So, does that mean, if it's less than 100 words, you won't read it? We'll see won't we?

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Leaffilter North - Review in Household Services category from Wayne, Pennsylvania

Hi there - There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. This link may able to help you further: You may have qualfied for discounts that drove the price down! Congrats on getting the product at a great deal.
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Just wait til the mgr calls you and offers it to you for more than half the price

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LeafFilter North in Malvern, Pennsylvania - False Reviews?

Hi Mosez, We are so happy to hear that our gutter guard has been an asset to your Pennsylvania home! Thank you for being a valued LeafFilter customer!
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  • Quality and comfort of lifetime warranties
Reason of review
Good quality

I've read through many of the reviews on here and have to say, I find it amazing that so many "customers" have had such a bad experience. Our experience went very well. While the price was higher than we were expecting, the installers did a fine job and the system has been working well now for 8 months. We live in the mountains of Pennsylvania and our tree coverage is pretty extensive.

We've tried a few other products in the past and all of them required my husband to get on the ladder in the fall. We wanted something that was maintenance-free and so far LeafFilter has done that for us.

I was told by the salesperson that many of the reviews on this site were actually falsely crafted by competitors to confuse buyers. I was not so sure at first but now that I've had LeafFilter and I read these reviews, I'm starting to believe that many of the reviews on this site are false. The reason we bought was because we read the confirmed customer reviews on Angies List (about 28 real reviews in my area) which gives them an A rating.

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LeafFilter North in Monticello, Illinois - Proceed with caution/do your research

Hi there - We're sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your sales experience. Pricing of LeafFilter depends on a number of different variables including the number of stories on your home, the type of gutters you have, and the number of iniside/outside corners you have. If you would like to discuss your situation further, please contact our corporate office at 800-749-4566.
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Reason of review
Pricing issue

I attended a home show in E central IL and was stopped by the attendee at the Leaf Filter booth. The attendee seemed desperate to talk to someone so I listened to what he had to say.

He took my contact information, and within a week I was receiving multiple calls to schedule the no-obligation estimate. I scheduled a time but was adamant about letting them know I was strictly wanting an estimate at this point, since I have several other projects going on around the house that I have committed funds to. I have been in B2C sales in the past, understanding that someone was trying to make a living, and was curious as to the cost, so I agreed to have someone come out to my folk's place for an estimate (it is their home). The rep arrived about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

I reiterated that I was strictly wanting an estimate at this point, and he never really acknowledged that. He went ahead and went around the house for measurements to determine what I could expect. With approximately 135 linear feet and no real intricacies, he sat down and explained the company/warranty/ratings, etc. Then came the price.

A whopping $4200 to cover gutters that I paid about $2000 to have professionally installed a few years earlier. He reattempted multiple times to "close" me by offering a few hundred dollars off for a coupon. I again stated I was only anticipating the estimate. He again stated that he was working to keep the men at the factory busy with production, and if there was anything (financing, etc.) he could do to get the job going today, would I be interested.

I reiterated estimate only. He makes a phone call to his manager, again asking if there was anything he could do, since there were other jobs in the area, I could "piggy back" those and save on material. At this point he knocks about $1000 off the original estimate if I did it "today." It became clear he wasn't going to take no for an answer, even though I was strictly seeking an estimate. While he was speaking to the manager, I thumbed through this extensive directory of "satisfied customers" they had accumulated, scrolling down until I found a customer in my small town of 5,000 people that I have lived in for almost 40 years.

The name was no one I could recognize, but a red flag went up when they were supposedly located on a street that I had never heard of, and could be nowhere found on a local map, even with some of the new housing developments. It appears this was fabricated, but I remained quiet. More strong attempts to close me followed. In the end the price had dropped about 2 grand from the original quote just to get me to buy on the spot.

Finally my mother enters the room sensing that the guy was not going to leave, explaining the other projects we had committed money to, so he backed off. I kind of felt sorry for the guy, and I understand he was trying to make a living (as opposed to people that do nothing with themselves) but seriously? A few thousand bucks to install something - by subcontractors (read actual customer reviews) - that for a lot of people have had problems with or simply did not work as was sold to them.

I'll use my 8 foot ladder and periodically clean whatever the aluminum mesh guards from Home Depot could not keep out. We don't even have trees; the leaves come from our neighbors.

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LeafFilter North in Decatur, Georgia - Threatened me

Hello, All customers have a 3-day right of cancellation and hopefully you took advantage of this and were able to successfully cancel. As long as contracts are cancelled within 3 days, there is no penalty to the customer.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

We ran across LeafFilter at the Great Georgia Airshow. We were interested in their product so we gave them our name and number ...

big mistake. They called many many times. Eventually I allowed them to come out and give us a quote for new gutters. Their quote was very high, 3 times the cost of a previous quote we had received from a competitor.

They had me sign the quote and we would talk the next day about possibly moving forward. After talking to my spouse and checking out the reviews online, we decided we should wait because we had several projects going on already. The salesman asked if he could call us back in a month to see where we stood. I just got a call from 770-416-0300 LeafFilter.

The man said he had a contract I signed in front of him and wanted to know when his men could come out and complete the work. I told him we declined the quote the next day and we were going to wait until some of the other projects were done. He told me had a signed contract in front of him and he would take us to court to get the money. I gave him my attorney's phone number.

He told me we could not stand up to them, they were a $44 million dollar a year company. I told him we would never do business with them now.

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LeafFilter North - Leaffilter salesmen are scammers

Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your installation. We have every desire to address your needs and provide the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We encourage you to reach out to our dedicated service and support team. We can send out a local technician in your area to address your situation and provide a solution. Our team can be reached at 800-749-4566.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

Went to a show and saw the leaf filter booth. I asked the salesman for a general quote.

When I had them come to my house, the quote was 4 times higher than the original. Against my better judgement, I purchased the product anyway. Two months later my gutters are a complete disaster. It looks like an amateur installed my gutters and after harsh weather, I still have to do maintenance on them.

Ridiculous. I will never recommend leaffilter to anyone.

They are a poor excuse for a gutter protection company. The salesmen should be ashamed of themselves.

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LeafFilter North in Clifton, New Jersey - Awesome Product

Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving us your feedback. We are truly happy to hear that you are satisfied with your system. Enjoy your new system!
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  • Good customer service
  • Great product
  • Warranty
Reason of review
Good quality

I read all the negative reviews on this site back in September 2015, took them with a grain of salt, and went ahead with my purchase of LeafFilter.

Now that my gutter problems are solved and my filters have been on the home for over 6 months, I decided to come back to this site to clarify what I've learned.

If installed properly, this system works! I had two guys come install 150' on my house and they did a great job. I went outside in the last rain, and the system was allowing nothing but water into the gutters.

Thank you, LeafFilter, and I'm glad I went ahead with you guys.

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Leaffilter North - Leaffilter Gutter Protection Review from Peoria, Illinois

Hi there - We are sorry to hear that your installation left you dissatisfied. We have every desire to make each and every one of our customers completely satisfied throughout the sales and installation process. Please feel free to contact our service and support team to discuss your situation further.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

The finished install looked like my kids did it...and they left my yard looking bad qith the stuff they supposingy got out of the gutters, they just threw in on the ground and left it there. Called customer service I was told to take pictures of everything and they would decide if they needed ro send someone out...why not just do it properly before you leave. The installer wanted to argue his point with me....bad customer service....whatever happened to pleasing the customers.

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LeafFilter North in Logan, Ohio - Confessions OF a Leaf Filter Sales Guy

Hi there- Our discounts vary based on seasonality and special promotions. At LeafFilter, we make it a priority to provide our customers with a fair price and base our pricing on a number of factors including the amount of stories in a home, whether a gutter replacement is necessary, and inside and outside corners of a home.
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  • Does not work as advertised
  • Customer service and quality of product
  • Bad service
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised
Preferred solution
quit selling you *** overpriced product to the American Consumer just to line your greedy pockets.

So this is going to be the "confession" of a leaf filter sales person. Under the Federal Whistle Blower Protection Act. Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). [12 U.S.C. §5567]. Employees are protected for blowing the whistle on reasonably perceived violations of any provision of the Title X of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act or any other provision of law that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Consumer Financial, Protection, or any rule, order, standard, or prohibition prescribed by the Bureau.

I started with leaf filter a few months ago and went through about 3 days of training about 3 hours a day.

The primary thing that was taught was to sell and make money no matter what. No real training on the product itself or the paperwork that went along with it. It was sell, sell sell no matter what let's close EVERY DEAL no matter what.

So I noticed several things in training that did not "feel" right.

1. The product is not made with surgical steel and virgin vinyl. It will warp peel and break.

2. The "sink" demonstration is the "sizzle" for the customer. This is supposed to be the WOW! And a lot of time was spent on this.

3. Intentionally thought to spot out issues with the fascia and soffit whether the gutters caused the problem or not. Made to say to the customer that the leaf filter will solve ALL of the problems

4. I came across this ///

5. The company hires independent sometimes noninsured/non licensed installers. Not the factory trained installers we are to tell the customer during the sales pitch.

6. The discounts are "false" discounts. Here is the formula.

They measure linear fee plus 10% overage. They take that times anywhere from 26 dollars to 30 dollars per foot and that gives you a price. Then they tack on 650.00 for ad=min and discount fees.

So for example a regular 160 foot measured house will retail at $5130.00. Then during the process of selling the sales guy will offer 250.00 off, then another double coupon, then a discount for immediate action. Then a fake AARP discount, then a commercial discount cause they have a "commercial” job going in the same day as yours. By the way when the guy calls the manager to get approved on the "commercial" pricing. It is all fake. No commercial job going in the next day. It is a fraudulent sales tactic to get you to sign up.

How they make a profit and determine how far down to discount to get the sales is as follows.

The sales gut take the main figure time .65% this figure is known as PAR and the sales guy will make a commission of 10% of this figure. If sold at full retail the sales guy make 10% of par plus 50% of anything over par. Follow so far? Now when you crunch the numbers they wash out as follows.

5130.00 X .65 =3334.50 so if sold at this discount the sales guy will make $333.00 dollars commission.

If he sells at the full 5130.00 price he will make 10% of Par plus 50% of the over par. so 333.50 for par and an additional 899. for selling over par.or half of the additional 1797.00 over par price. for a total of approximately $1231.00 total commission.

Hopefully that inside whistle blower info will tell you why these guys are so motivated to sell this stuff no matter what.

I truly hope that this information will help someone.

And Yes I no longer work for them.

And Yes there are many more fraudulent statements taught by management about the product, its warrantees and sales practices that were not reported here.

Bottom line you can look at hundreds of complaints around the net and make your own decision.

Bottom line the price of the product to manufacture and install is about 4 dollars a foot. This indicates that the retail and discounted price presented to a potential consumer is front loaded with pure profit and Huge commissions for the sales team and management.

Do you really want to become a victim of such a deceitful and dishonest Company?? Your choice.