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Leaffilter North - Gutter Guard Review from Bronx, New York

We're sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your sales experience. There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. Our pricing structure will vary from homeowner to homeowner because of these factors. This link may able to help you further: http://www.leaffilter.com/leaffilter-pricing/
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Reason of review
Pricing issue

leaf filter sucks dont buy it.pusy sales guy joe from long island.who also sale hot tubs.way to much money.$5000 for 150 of gutter.i told him ill think it over.what a pain .calls after call price droped to $4000 to $3000 etc *** loser

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Sounds like a phony bashing of leaffilter north ...by a competitor,,, Leaffilter is CONSUMER REPORTS #1 RATED SYSTEM..I have many friends with Leaffilter on ther home and are completely satified with this product .

If you check the consumer report study you will see that all gutter guard companies are in the same price range ,,,I did .So i chose the #1 rated.

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Leaffilter North Gutter Screen Review from Holly Springs, North Carolina

Hi Brian, We are sorry your experience has been less than satisfactory. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technician can evaluate your product and resolve your issue
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Poor customer service
Leaffilter North Gutter Screen Review from Holly Springs, North Carolina

Leaf filter installed today and I'm already ticked off. Had to haul off the garbage that the contractor left behind.

They used two different screens, one of which was anything but 50 microns. They may have actually used window screen. Gutters were not aligned. The filters are not aligned.

One of the gutters now sports a significant dent. Down spouts don't fit. And the salesman who who sold me this bill of goods spoke so well of them using "there own installers, never contractors.

I've been lied to and cheated and these jack wagons won't answer the dang phone. I wouldn't recommend these folks to ISIS.


I have a sales guy here now.... I live near Holly Springs.

would love to speak to you.


you sound like a competitor, check with consumer reports LeafFilter is rated #1, and consumer report doesn't lie, unlike you




I can give you a few very good numbers!


if you paid with a credit card just dispute it- they will cave, I have seen it happen numerous times. I used to work for those thieves.

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Corners clog and screen plugs after less than a year. | LeafFilter North review from Bellevue, Washington

Hi there - It looks like your experience is unrepresentative of how LeafFitler typically works. We have every desire to address your problems and provide you with a solution. Please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566. We have local technicians in your area that would be happy to come out and assess your unique situation.
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Bad quality
Corners clog and screen plugs after less than a year. - LeafFilter North review

We still need to get on our roof several times a year and clean off the screens. Mold grows in the mesh and prevents water from going in and fir needles stick into the screens.

Here is a video to show you. Doesn't take much to plug the water flow and this is the high flow mesh.

Their story about never having to go on the roof is complete malarkey. So expensive, would have saved money to have gutter professionally cleaned once a year vs the thousands we spent to have this system.


Got hawked at the Mpls auto show while walking by their rain demonstration. I was tired and took the hook and gave the exhibitor my phone number even after I said I was not interested.

He begged me to let his rep do a measure. Next morning phone rang and appt was made for measure. Sales rep shows up at designated time. As a "buyer beware" senior, it was all a bunch of BS and he came up with $5000+ for 190' of product.

And his calculator working overtime making all this noise in attempt to convince me he was working hard to get me discounts, I was working overtime myself to keep from laughing aloud while he was doing this phony theatrics at my kitchen table. The rep had to be in his 60's and perhaps older then that but I just had to keep wondering to myself if this guy was that full of himself and thought I just fell off the pumpkin wagon or what? I personally think he smelled money by the premier condition of the house because I smelled his commission breath.

The rep tried to intimidate me but this was not my first rodeo and after 10 minutes of telling him repeatedly that I was not a push over and I was sure in the heck not signing any sales contract at that time.

He actually laughed at me when I asked to see the "fine print" of the warranty/guarantee and said there it's right there on the brochure, it is guaranteed for life, period. Why don't I just understand that and believe him? My response to him was BUYER BEWARE...that's why. I want to see the FINE PRINT!

He then attempted to educate me about the MN law and the 3 day cancellation policy and I replied...I know all about the law and I am still not signing anything. Period! I walked to the door and said I would let him know and he finally got the hint and left the house after I told him point blank..."You are not selling me anything! If I want to buy the product I will buy it but you sure in the *** are not SELLING me anything.


I learned very early in my career (now retired) that "if it isn't in writing...it does not exist!"

Still curious, next business day I called the corporate office out east and asked for a copy of the warranty/guarantee as I was considering their so called lifetime product for my house. More BS. The service dept girl said they cannot hand out the warranty/guarantee for the product due to "privacy concerns". I had to hold my laugh back.

Not making any of this up. Still laughing to myself, I started looking on the web and found review after review about how this is nothing more than a hard quick pressure BS product.

They just want to get in the door. One final point on the rep.

He actually told me that the MN State Fair is their best marketing tool and they got 5000 measures last year. OMG!

I would not put this product on my home if it was free.

Reading the review "confessions of a sales rep" is really enlightening. Check it out in these reviews.


stop being haters, consumer reports ranks LeafFilter

number one in gutter protection.


Actually, Gutter Glove was ranked #1 by Consumer Reports.


I totally agree; my Leaf Filter screens are clogged with alage or small particles and the rainwater sheets right over the edge, and it's flooding my garage.

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Warps & clogs! | LeafFilter North review from New York

Hi Sam, We are sorry to hear that you are less than satisfied with our product. LeafFilter offers a 100% money back no-clog guarantee and would be happy to send a service technican out to resolve your issue.
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  • Bad sales practices
Reason of review
Scam with pricing

When they tell you it doesn't clog, don't believe a word!!! The holes in the mesh are so tiny, that leaves do pile up and don't easily wash off, not enough pitch.

During a hard rain, not even the water goes in and splashes onto the ground making puddles!

Gave me some bull *** story about piggy backing my order onto the another order to get me a better price! DON'T fall for it!

The manager, George and the salesman are in cahoots with this scam to get you to buy!!! Check out GutterGlove or GutterDome, same concept, but instead of vinyl, they use aluminum, much sturdier!

Don't buy this!!!


I'm seriously considering having Leaffilter installed on my home so I looked into online reviews like any other consumer would/could.

The amazing part is that your complaint is about the filter clogging, but then you recommend buying another product with a similar filter and a different mainframe. Was your issue the filter or was it the frame being made out of aluminum?

Sounds to me like you're not a real customer...just someone looking to promote another product and make a name for yourself by badmouthing a well known product.

This is why I hate online reviews when I'm purchasing something...I always have to try to sniff out the BS.

Anyways, for a national company that has installed 100,000+ jobs, it is encouraging to see such a tiny fraction of reviews to be negative.

I honestly expected to see a lot more bad reviews if the system didn't work. I'll keep everyone posted on LFilter's performance if I buy it, which seems like a strong probability right about now.


That's too bad. It seems like there are a lot of posts about the screens clogging.

Have you tried getting on your roof and giving the screens a good scrubbing?


They tell you it's supposed to be completely maintenance free! Never climb a ladder again!

The whole point of spending $2000+ for gutter screens is to never have to clean or worry about my gutters again. Scrubbing, cleaning, unclogging whatever! Liars and this just causes another big problem!

The sales people are shady, price keeps changing. Not trustworthy.



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Fantastic product and company | LeafFilter North review from Syracuse, New York

Hi there! Thank you so much for your review. We are so happy to hear that you find LeafFilter to be a fantastic product and company. Thanks for being a valued LeafFilter customer!
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  • Salesman product
Reason of review
Good customer service

Saw the product at the new york state fair and gave my phone number because i wanted to see a rep. about getting this on my house.

They called promptly in 3 days and we set app.


came out and was right on time.I ended up purchasing Leaffilter and was VERY happy with the whole process from start to finish.

I have tried a few other gutter- guard systems and nothing compares to Leaffilter!! I would recomend this product to anyone that never wants to clean there gutters again!!

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Seems legit. I'm sure a homeowner would spend their time tracking down a negative review in order to post a positive review.

Yep, seems completely valid. There's no way leaffilter posted this review in order to take attention away from all of the negative reviews.

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Give these assh your phone # and they never quit | LeafFilter North review from Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Hi there - Sorry for the inconveniences. I can assure you that this is non-typical of our customer service department. We sincerely apologize for any disturbances or inconveniences we may have caused.
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Went to a home show and saw their display. Said they would give a free estimate and wife gave out phone number.

Saw all the negative reviews at home and what other were charged and decided no way. These people have called here 32 times - 2 times a day on one number and 2 calls a day on another toll free number. I have Panasonic phones that record #s received and block calls.

32 calls and counting - does this sound like a company you want to deal with? I can play their game blocking calls, but I'm sure going to let others know, Can you imagine how what these people would be like doing work for you?


Have you tried answering your phone and telling them you are not interested? Guaranteed they won't bother you again.


Don't be wierd


32 calls!?!? Wow, that sounds pretty aggressive. They're probably trying to close the deal before you have time to shop around.


Why don't you ask them to stop calling instead of writing a whiny-*** review with zero complete sentences and improper spacing or punctuation at the end of each sentence? You obviously have no life.


I don't care to have someone bug me and constantly ring my phone now 34 times. I didn't think much of the salesperson at the home show and I knew right away it was a mistake our phone number was given out.

If I don't care to call someone back or answer my phone, that is my choice. I don't pay phone service to respond to every *** who rings my phone to sell something.

As far as my spacing and punctuation, I made a few edits and they didn't show up as I wanted to and you don't see them as they will display until you click "Post Comment". Pay attention to the message and don't be such an *** yourself. Are you from Leafilter?

You would fit right in there.


Good move. It sounds like they wanted to lock you down and close a deal before you had time to research.

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Stay away from Leaf Filter | LeafFilter North review from Nashville, Tennessee

Hi there - LeafFilter 100% stands behind our product. In fact, we include an industry-leading 100% money back no-clog guarantee with the installation of LeafFilter. All of LeafFilter’s installers are trained and local professionals that focus solely on gutters; we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, ensuring that your gutters are properly cleaned, realigned, and LeafFilter Gutter Protection is properly installed. We pride ourselves in protecting homes from the damage that clogged gutters can cause.
#731280 Review #731280 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Bad quality

This company tries to sell you an inferior product at a very high price. They'll negotiate, but they start out at a ridiculous price and "wait" to see if you'll take the bait and get raped financially. $10 a foot is a fair price, and they'll settle for this. HOWEVER, DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!

They do not stand behind their product. They send horrid installers who have no experience to do the job. The job is done very poorly. And this is from EVERY review you'll find. STAY AWAY FROM LEAF FILTER!

Honestly, the $1.50 stuff you buy at the Home Depot is MUCH higher quality.


seems like the experience that most people describe


This is a ridiculous comment. And fake


Snake oil slingsters.

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How to get a resolution to your Leaf Filter problem. | LeafFilter North review from Kitchener, Ontario

Thank you for your feedback. We take our reviews very seriously. As you mentioned, there are several other sites that reviews may be posted on. Some of these sites include TrustPilot, Yelp, and Angie's List.
#731176 Review #731176 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Posting on this site may make you feel a little better. It’s a good place to vent. But, you’re not going to get a resolution to your leaffilter problems by posting here. Want to get a resolution from Leaf Filter, or any home improvement company? Just follow the steps below.

1) Facebook

- Post a REVIEW on the company’s Facebook page(s).

- Don’t post a comment to their wall. Post a REVIEW with the star rating. When you post a review the company cannot delete or edit it.

- LeafFilter has 2 Facebook pages where you can leave a Review:

1) facebook.com/LeafFilter/reviews

2) facebook.com/LeafFilterReviews/reviews

Posting Facebook reviews has high visibility, they can only be edited or removed by you, and they will help you get help.

2) Post Reviews on More Prominent Review Sites

-  TrustPilot (trustpilot.com/review/www.leaffilter.com).

- Home Advisor.

- Yelp.

- Angie’s List (if you are a member).

Posting on these sites will impact the company’s marketing and will help you to get a resolution.

3) Better Business Bureau

- File a complaint with your local BBB.

The company will have to respond and defend their actions to the BBB. If/when the BBB receives enough complaints the company’s rating will fall OR they will lose their BBB accreditation.

4) Google Maps/Business

-  Find the company on google.com/maps/ and add your reviews.

- Much like Facebook reviews these can only be edited by you and they have strong public visibility when people search for a company online.

5) Feds & State Government

- Federal Trade Commission: ftc.gov/about-ftc/bureaus-offices/bureau-consumer-protection

-  File a complaint with your state’s attorney general.

- It’s unlikely that your one complaint will cause a response. But if these offices start seeing the same company’s name over and over again they will eventually take action.

- NOTE, if you are a senior who feels you were misled be sure to include this information.

6) Cash is King

- Last, but for from least, did you pay with a credit card or financing?

- If so, great! Contact your financial institution and dispute the charges. Your credit card company or bank will side with you until the matter is resolved in your favor.

If you want to vent, this site is a great resource. If you want to take actions that will get you results then just follow the steps above.


Solid advice


lmfao. Strong advice.

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Leaffilter on Long Island | LeafFilter North review from Medford, New York

Hi there - I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your sales experience. We are certainly not ill-willed. In fact, we are trying to get you the best price possible, which is why we are happy to provide you with discounts. LeafFilter let's water into your gutters, while keep leaves, debris, and shingle grit out of your gutters. Made out of medical-grade stainless steel, nothing should be adhering to your system. Feel free to reach out to our corporate office if you are experiencing any issues with your system.
#729333 Review #729333 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Pricing issue

This is a rip off. They charge you 12.00 a foot for screens! he first gave me a price for $20.00 a foot, This guy George Bertran is a crook and so are his salesman he tells you he will give the material for free because he has extra. ***! High pressure.

All work is subcontracted don't let them tell you anything else.

The debris lands on top and dose not dry up and blow away.

It dose not do anything, it wont let water in, snow of anything else.

This is a big scam.


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Sounds like $10 a foot is the best price you'll get. Just gotta be patient.

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Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! | LeafFilter North review from Mckinney, Texas

We truly apologize for your less than satisfactory installation experience. We have every desire to address your issues and get your full-satisfaction. Please feel free to contact our corporate office to discuss your experience further.
#722043 Review #722043 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Reason of review
Bad quality
Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! - LeafFilter North review
Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! - LeafFilter North review
Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! - LeafFilter North review
Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! - LeafFilter North review
Disappointed customer. What a nightmare! - LeafFilter North review

Three weeks ago, I had a LeafFilter rep come by and tell me about the system. He had this great portfolio that with detail told me how they were above all the rest.

With NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS ever! Well, this was not the case with me. I bought this high priced system, and got *** from the install to the failed attempts to correct their wrongs. They damaged multiple roof singles, installed down spouts in different orientations, broke multiple plants in my flower beds.

I actually walked out while one of the installers was pulling a flowering plant and told me he was pulling out my weeds. I guess LeafFilter also does gardening. They also managed to get caulking on my fairly new window solar screens as well as scratch up and chip my newly stained balcony. Oh yes, they also took it upon them selves to break branches off my trees and plants that surrounded the house.

Ive asked LeafFilter to come out and replace the damaged shingles and now they are telling me that they were that way at install. That the clear caulking that they filled the cracked shingles with was just out of courtesy. Please note the way the gutter system pushed up at my roof line thus forcing shingles up. Also the multiple openings and separation in the system that "not even a granule of sand can get through." I've asked LeafFilter to come remove the system and they refuse.

Oh yes, that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION CERTIFICATE that they give you to check off at the completion of install, my installer and LeafFilter rep told me they didn't care if I filled it out. That they know i wasn't satisfied!

So I have a nice crisp certificate sitting here with no Installer signature, Customer Signature or date. just Job# 00103


If you paid by credit card you can just dispute the charges. Keep posting negative comments on social media and you'll hear back from them.

If that doesn't work, call and ask for the owner. He's in the office every day.

Google the company and you'll find his name. They're located in Hudson, Ohio so you can get the info from the town as well.


It looks pretty wavy or warped in a few of the pics. And, is that a different type of screen in the one pic?


I believe your story. However Leaffilter themselves always likes to point out that these reviews are left anonymously and are therefore bogus reviews left by competitors. If you want to do researchers a favor, then alway leave your name to make the review more credible!

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