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Check The Facts | LeafFilter North review

LeafFilter has an industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty – the best in the business. We offer a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. We were in fact rated highly by the leading consumer reporting agency. If you are having issues with LeafFilter, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566.
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  • Dishonesty
  • Product not as promised
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Not being "negative", just "real"...here's some points homeowners should look into about Leaf Filter.

1. Warranty.

Check the warranty. Leaffilter guarantees that the interior of your gutters will not clog but offers no guarantee that their screen will not clog.

Their product completely covers your gutter. Of course nothing will clog the interior...it's covered by the screen. But when the screen clogs (as many complaints indicate) then water will run over.

2. Consumer Reports.

Leaffilter claims to be the #1 rated gutter guard by Consumer Reports.

Look it up yourself. Google "consumer reports gutter guards". Gutter Glove was rated substantially higher. And Consumer Reports had negative comments about all pro installed systems.

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Warranty and filter clogs seems to be a recurring theme.

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Reneged on Contract | LeafFilter North review from Dayton, Ohio

Hi Chris, Your situation is very unique. We'd like to discuss this further with you to see if we can come to a solution. Please reach out to our service support team at 800-749-4566. Thank you!
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  • No filters installed
  • Customer service and quality of product
  • Dishonesty
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered

Company salesperson reviewed work to be done in Ohio, then wrote up a contract to install about 95 feet of gutter protection for $1,284. First crew came out and could not start because they did not have the necessary scaffolding to work around the hot tub area.

Sale manager, Drew, called to reschedule and also to work out details on an issue the initial installers founds. Drew was very professional.

But, the day before the rescheduled installation, someone called from the company telling me they are canceling the contract (which is not a provision in their contract) because they did not want to pay to erect scaffolding. Integrity is, in my opinion, severely lacking with management.


I'm actually having it removed from my house. It just doesn't work (for me) water runs over.

The screen clogs.

It works great on the part of my roof with no trees.

Everywhere else, just a disappointment.

I'll go with gutter cleaning vs clogged leaffilter screens.


That stinks.

I guess if they can kill a contract within 3 days that anyone who purchased and is installed without 3 days waiting could (based on their state laws) also void and not pay.

If the company can void within three days. And, the homeowner can void within 3 days (even if the product has been installed and cant legally be removed) how is this not fair?


It was not three days, it was 14 days after the contract was signed.

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The product is inferior and the owners could care less | LeafFilter North review from Charlotte, North Carolina

Hi there - your experience sounds abnormal. LeafFilter is made out of a medical grade stainless steel and nothing organic will adhere to it or grow on it. We are sorry that you are experiencing problems. We have every desire to address your issues and provide a solution. Please reach out to our corporiate office and we will be happy to send a local technician to assess your situation.
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My Leaf filters were installed 2 years ago and the ares of the house that is directly under a tree is clogged. I mean their filter is clogged. The fine mesh screen is clogged with leaf and tree particles and mildue. The company vice president, said they will have to be cleaned.

They will not stand behind the warranty of the product. POOR DESIGN.

Can you believe it !

I paid to have gutter protection installed to keep from having to get on a ladder to clean my gutters, and now I have to clean the filters !


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Sounds like a warranty loophole. Your gutters aren't clogged, but the filter is.

Pretty shameful way to operate.

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Sales Person Just Left | LeafFilter North review from Ashburn, Virginia

Hi - We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your unique sales experience. Our pricing structure depends on a number of different factors and it is our intention to get you the best price for our product, which may require reaching out to the district manager.
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Poor customer service

And every post pretty much hit it on the head:

* slam all the competitors first, lock in your product as most logical solution

* price- some BS price sheet- starts out $30.00 per foot

* NO- price drops 20%

* What would you pay for the system question posed

* Throw out a low ball number, sales guy says no

* I tell him I'm done

* He calls manager at my kitchen table (was really a make believe call as his cell phone didn't light up

* He drops price to right under my low ball

* I still said no when I saw it was a make believe call and called him out on it

* Finally Threw him out no more then 20 minutes ago

It's all true, thanks for saving me a fortune!

Caveat Emptour Evereyone!


Yeah complete joke of a company .. If you bought it you would have watched them silicone it together in your yard.. And then the fine print states the "workmanship" is only guaranteed for a year, then you get charged for service calls...


I am disgusted with Leaf filter. Poor service.

overflow, torrential in steady rain. No one wants to hear about all the things wrong. Rude, arrogant, disrespect, discount and invalidation. Accused that the problem was mine and in my head.

Theres more, think about it! and fill in the blanks!!


How much was your low ball price per foot and what was the final offer for the leaf filter price per foot?

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For sales rep comes clean | LeafFilter North review from Lennon, Michigan

Hi there- We apologize and take your feedback very seriously. Our pricing structure is based on a variety of factors including whether a gutter replacement is necessary, amount of stories on a home, and inside and outside corners and we strive to offer fair pricing to all of our customers.
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I worked as a Leaf Filter sales rep for about a year (in 2013). everything bad you have posted is true - and there's more.

At the Friday morning sales meetings the reps and managers sit around a table laughing about the sales they made - mostly who could come up with a better lie to get a customer's signature. The reason they install jobs so fast . . is so customers don't wise up and cancel - seriously!

The BOTTOM price managers can offer is $10 per foot plus $10 per corner.

(the rep loses his fat commission at this point) If you place an order, then try to cancel b4 install, they'll give you this price. Reps get paid 10% commission at $22/ft and, NOTICE this, HALF of the money YOU pay above $22/ft.


Your experience as a BAD salesman has nothing to do with the performance of LeafFilter. I currently work for LeafFilter, for the last 5 years now, and everyone of my customers have my personal cell phone.

If this didn't work my phone would be ringing of the hook!

The fact is that this job isn't for everyone and clearly it wasn't for you. Consumer Reports HAS ranked it #1 and it still is.

Look for yourself


BTW these types of sites are horrible for any kid of business they have no sort of control and anyone can post anything!!


Sound like a very disgruntled employee that got fired! I have worked for Leaffilter for several years and in my travels to several of our offices around the country have NEVER encountered this kind of behavior.

If you want an UBiased opinion of this product ,you wont find it here .Consumer reports did a 2 yr study on all gutter protection cos.

and Leaffiler was rated#1!!!


The sales meetings are comical at best. The whole company leadership team is a disgrace to business. They care less than nothing about their employees and customers.


Wow. That's a big swing in leaffilter cost.

A leaf filter price per foot from $10 - $22? That seems extreme.

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Leaffilter North - Leaffilter Gutter Protection Review from Fairfield, Ohio

All of LeafFilter’s installers are trained and local professionals that focus solely on gutters; we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, ensuring that your gutters are properly cleaned, realigned, and LeafFilter Gutter Protection is properly installed. When LeafFilter is installed, you willl not have to clean off the product. It's our intention to provide every customer with the best possible experience. If you suspect you are having issues, please contact our service and support team at our corporate office.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

The product itself is a decebt product. Realize this....if its to good be true it probably is.

The only employees of the company are the managers. Everyone else is a sub. Its not your sales...subcontracotrs fault...they are trained to "embelish". Bottom line is this.....take the estimate...schedule out 4 days....call to cancel...price will got $11 or $12 a foot.

Now remember....you will have to clean off your product. You wont have to clean your gutters but you will clean your leaffilter...or pay them $78 to do it. Your gutters wont ever need to be maintained.

No company in their right mind will warrant work/product theybdidnt do. No matter what your subcontracted sales person tells you it wont happen

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Horrible Service | LeafFilter North review from Walton, Kentucky

Hi there - We stand behind our statement that you did not have Leaffilter on your gutters. There are thouands of gutter guard products on the market. LeafFilter is the most durable. We seal each system with 50 year tri-polymer sealant, so there is no way that LeafFilter could have blown off your gutters.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

I bought a house that had leaffilter guards installed. The mesh screen had blown off at some point.

Because of this the gutter needed to be replaced. I contacted leaffilter to have the screen replaced, the system inspected after the gutter company re-installed, and some small sections added where the gutters were extended beyond the original length.

I was told repeatedly that I did not have leaffilter brand guards on my system and made to submit photos to prove that it was a leaffilter guard. The guards had the leaffilter name and patent number marked on them, which I explained to the person on the phone several times. Basically your representatives insinuated that I could not read.

I moved past this as I simply wanted some minor work and a screen replaced on my system.

I have left over 2 messages a week with the representative for 2 months with no call backs. I am removing the system from my house and will never consider this company again.

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Leaffilter nothing but deceipt and lies | LeafFilter North review from Lewiston, New York

Hi there - We have many satisfied LeafFilter employees and professionals that enjoy their experience working at LeafFilter. We are sorry to hear that your experience was not as desireable. As a company, we stand behind our product and our industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty. We do not condone any deceptive practices.
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I worked for Leaffilter briefly, and was nothing nut disappointed.

They promise the world when they hire you. They talked up the

integrity of the company, but once I signed on, it was all about

charging the customer as much as possible, and then keep discounting

until they said yes. The " life-time warranty" is a joke. You were lucky

to have any problems addressed when they put it in. We were instructed

to lie that we were employees of Leaffilter, and they installers were all

employees. But in truth, we were all sub-contractors, told to lie, get

the customers money, and move to the next target. The whole thing

was a B.S. scam. Beware, and just pay someone $60.00 to clean your

gutters right, instead of the multiple thousands- leaf filter tries to extract

from unsuspecting people. Stay away! I know, cause I worked for them

and found out the ugly truth the hard way.

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Past salesman | LeafFilter North review from Lewiston, New York

As a company, we pride ourselves in offering the best gutter guard and best customer service to homeowners across the country. We are BBB accredited company and have received positive LeafFilter reviews on a variety of third party sites including HomeAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Angies List. We do not condone deceptive sales practices as noted above.
#709741 Review #709741 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Use to work for Leaffilter, or should I say, was a subcontractor.

We are told to lie to the customer, and do anything we can to

get the sale. Salespeople, like the installers are NOT employees,

just temporary subcontractors. We only got paid if we could bilk the

customer out of as much money as possible. For those who are still

considering this product, listen to the pitch, and wait. They start of a

a outrageous price of about $ 30 ft. If the customer balks, we "discount to $ 26.00 ft.

If they still balk, $ 20.00 ft. As a last resort, we call the manager, put him

on speaker phone, and he comes up with a B.S. story and says we can get

it at $ 13.00 ft. They try to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible.

As a last resort. They sell it at cost (yeah right) and still make a ton of money,

expect for the poor salesman. It is a *** game. Many promises- no follow

through. Buyer beware. The whole outfit is unethical. Let see If the is a company has a response to this and lies again. As they say in Texas- Leaffilter is all hat, and no

cattle! Had to leave the company. It is tough to lie to nice unsuspecting people

all day, and try to sleep at night!


Thank you Sir, I'm so glad that I have cancel out a 3600.00 contract (originally quote it for $4100) before 3 business day of my right that's* already $500 discount for only 130 total ft of gutters was needed, the salesman immediately gave me another $300 more off try to save the contract. And sorry, they still over $1500 more than my cousin's home gutter guard cost which his house is substantially much bigger than mine with the same vinyl material product.


All hat and no cattle...awesome saying.


Big snake no rattle, big boat no paddle...etc - listen to the Randy Newman song!

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Leaffilter North - Leaffilter Gutter Protection Review from Jacksonville, North Carolina

Hi Carlos, We are sorry you've exeperienced some issues with our gutter guard product. LeafFilter's warranty offers a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact us at 800-749-4566 so that our service support team can assist.
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Reason of review
Warranty issue

Sales man was really pushing i ended buying the product now i have horible problems whit it managers wont talk to me they wont honor their waranty the water goes over the gutters and no one wants to deal whit it and all they do is they send a kid whit some screw drivers and a some silicone to try to fix the problem no materials .