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LeafFilter North - Very Rude Sales Rep

Hi there - I am sorry to hear that your sales experience was less than satisfactory. There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. This link may able to help you further: You may have qualified for promotions or discounts which will drive the price down further. We always look for ways to get our customers the best possible price. We apologize for your experience with our sales rep. We make it our mission to ensure that each and every one of our homeowners is completely satisfied.
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Signed up for free quote. Rep showed up gave me sales pitch quoted $4,200.00 for small ranch home with NO angles.

When questioned discounted to $2,880.00. When I said I would not spend that much he hollered at me saying "why did I waste his time having him out. I said "that's your job"!! He says again you are wasting my time.

I said how can I make a decision before knowing cost!!

I threw him OUT, would never buy from them!! He walked away complaining, the worst sales rep I have ever encountered, I have been sales for over 40 years UNBELIEVABLE

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LeafFilter North in Mill Creek, Washington - Leaf Filter overflow problem

LeafFilter is made from a medical grade stainles steel, so nothing organic will adhere to it or grow on it. If you are experiencing problems with your system, we recommend calling our service and support team so that we can send a local technician to assess your unique situation. We make it our goal to provide each and every homeowner ultimate satisfaction when it comes to our product and service.
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1. LF advertises that any leaves or debris will be blown on the next breezy day. Doesn't happen as most of the debris does not blow off.

2. Just brushed off all gutters with the long handled brush they gave us. It rained yesterday and we still are getting overflow which messes up windows and flower beds. In reading some online complaints it may be the my LF screens are clogged with pollen or something else.

3. The original installing company has gone broke and the new company won't take any responsibility.

4. After the installation I found out that If I have my cedar shake roof treated again the Leaf Filter screens will have to be removed and then reinstalled to prevent the treatment oil from clogging the screen. Estimated cost $400-$500.

These problems make me wish I had not spent the $7000+ to install the Leaf Filter system. Instead I could have just continued to have my gutters cleaned 2-3 times a year @ $140 each time.

I went with LF because of the strong rating with Consumer Reports. However I think Consumer Reports did not do testing with tree debris added to the test.

I will contact the home office for Leaf Filter next week. If I get no help from them I will register a complaint with Washington State Attorney General office and/or the Consumer Protection office.

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LeafFilter North - Leaf filter micro guard.

We are so happy that you found LeafFilter to be an effective solution to end clogged gutters! Thanks for leaving us your review - we appreciate your feedback.
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I didn't think it would work. But they are great.

Yes if we have a big down pour, they can't handle it. But I have had the others and they can't handle it either and I still had to get up on the roof and clean them. The micro screen leaf filter system is the best I have had. And I have used about 5 different types of screens.

My down spouts are not clogged, I have not had run over from the drains being clogged. I have gone out in the rain to check.

Now I just have to get a product to keep the snow from freezing and running back under the shingles. I guess I will have to heat trace the gutters.

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Leaffilter North - Review in Household Services category from Wake Forest, North Carolina

Hi Donny, We are thrilled that you are pleased with LeafFilter! Thank you for being one of our valued customers.
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Great product, keeps all the leaves and pine straw out.

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LeafFilter North in Cornelius, North Carolina - Customer financial Info

All customer financial information is treated with the highest confidentiality. We follow all procedures as outline with our lending partners.
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Leaf Filter is very careless with the customers financial info. We used to Install for them and they would give us copies of customers credit card info.

It was very careless of them to do that. It came up during an install when the customers had seen that we had a copy of a credit card form with credit card number and all other info they were very mad cause leaf filter said that info would be secure. Another time i have seen these same sheets laying in the trash can not even shredded.

It seems that Bo and Steve are very notorious for this. Hopefully if anyone sees this they try to secure there personal credit info

buyer beware

Ripped off contractor

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LeafFilter North - LeafFilter Failure

LeafFilter has an industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty – the best in the business. We offer a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. If you are having issues with LeafFilter, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566.
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  • LeafFilter Failure

To summarize my position -

1) We purchased/installed the Leaf Filter system and drip edge in JUN 2010. Leaf Filter replaced one piece of fascia board and the gutter over the garage. The fascia board was rotted and the gutter was warped/rusted. No other issues existed with my fascia/ gutters - otherwise Leaf Filter would have replaced/fixed it then (in accordance with the warranty - detailed below). I am an Army officer, and frequently travel overseas for extended periods of time. I purchased the system/drip edge because I wanted to ensure that my home drainage system would not have any issues while I was gone.

2) Due to military requirements, I was absent from the Washington DC area from JUL 2013 until JUN 2014. When I returned, I noticed the the gutters were streaked, rusted, watermarked, and that the fascia was rotted in several locations. During a moderate thunderstorm last week, I took pictures/video of water flowing over the leaf filter system (instead of into it/the gutters), and dripping off the bottom of the gutter. I also identified a number of locations where water was flowing behind the drip edge/gutter, and dripping off the fascia.

Both an installation manager and the VA office manager acknowledged that parts of the leaf filter system were clogged with pollen and/or other micro pollutants, and that the entire system needed to be replaced. Further, they both acknowledged that installation of the system and drip edge could have been installed "better."

Bottom line - the leaf filter system failed. This failure caused permanent and irreparable damage to my gutters in the form of black streaks (my kids call them zebra gutters - I tried to power wash them, but the stains will not come off), rust stains and unsightly watermarks along the entire length of the gutters. Further, Leaf Filter either failed/or did a poor job of calking some of the seams in my existing gutters, with resulted in additional rust stains. Lastly, Leaf Filter did a poor job of installing portions of the drip edge, which caused water to run between the gutter and the fascia, resulting in stains, paint peeling and wood rot in multiple locations.

3) The written warranty provided to me by Leaf Filter states in part

- "We seal your gutter and downspouts with 50 year silicone"

- "We repair any damaged gutters and/or downspouts, if necessary"

- "We give you a manufacture's money back, no clog, guarantee."

Given the above commitment provided to me by Leaf Filter at the time of purchase, I feel strongly that Leaf Filter is responsible for the failure of the system/drip edge and resulting damage.

Update - it took me over ten business days to get in contact with Joe Roschival, LeafFilter Vice-President of Installation. Mr. Roschival was abusive, argumentative, and constantly interrupted me. He questioned my integrity and called me a liar three seperate occassions during our approximate 30 minute

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LeafFilter North in Cornelius, North Carolina - LEAF FILTER PRODUCTS ARE DEFECTIVE

All of LeafFilter’s installers are trained and local professionals that focus solely on gutters; we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, ensuring that your gutters are properly cleaned, realigned, and LeafFilter Gutter Protection is properly installed. With a full service and support team and local technicians, we make it a priority to address every LeafFilter customer's situation to provide a solution. It is our intention to provide each customer with the best service along with the best gutter guard on the market.
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Leaf filter guarantees their products not to clog from pollen. Unfortunately they DO clog.

When a problem occurs, the installer is charger for the replacement costs. There are many other gutter cover companies and products out there of better quality. When considering this product for your home, I would choose a company with moor integrity and better business practices. They are only worried about the sales people getting paid, all installers are sub contracted so are dispensible in their eyes.

Their product is Sub par at best. Their business practices are shady and the management is only worried about getting jobs installed to get paid, once paymeny is received, service calls are put on a back burner.

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Leaffilter North - Filter Review

Hi There- LeafFilter is backed by a 100% money back no-clog warranty. If you are still having issues with your system, please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566 so that a service technician can come out to your home again and ensure that the product is performing at its optimal level.
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Lead Filter product seems great. I am sure in some scenarios when the house is in a wide open area, it works great. But if the roof has debris in it because of trees in the yard, you will have problems. Here's how...

The stainless steel mesh is great, however the mircoscreen clogs. Imagine, their pitch is the mesh is so small not even a grain of sand gets through. I believe that as much as I believe the microscreen clogs. Once it does, the water runs off the gutter like there is not one present. It's like a waterfall.

Leaf Filter, after 2 years, came out and changed all the screens because "we have never really seen anything like this before." LOLOLOLOLOL... Sorry, I am trying to be professional about my discontent with Leaf Filter.

Bottom line is that you have to make sure your microscreen has to stay clean and that means YOU have to get on the roof and do it.


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LeafFilter North in Chicago, Illinois - Great Experience

We are incredibly happy to hear that you had a great experience with LeafFilter! LeafFilter will prevent shingle grit, pine needles, leaves, and debris -- everything but water -- from entering your gutters! You are right - nothing good will come from growing trees in your gutters. Thanks for leaving us your feedback.
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I've had nothing but a great experience with LeafFilter over the last year. It is as advertised. I had an issue and it was taken care of within 48 hours.

The shingle grit doesn't even get in my gutter. More importantly, my gutters are not planters any longer, like some of my neighbors. The silliest thing, is to see my neighbor, Dimesh, growing trees from his gutter. Nothing good will come from trees growing from your gutters. My wife would always yell at me since it embarrassed her so much.

If I ever move I will repurchase this product. It saves me time. I'm able to do more of what I want.

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LeafFilter North in Summit, New Jersey - Gutters Clog-Overflow

Hi Louis, If you are still experiencing issues with your LeafFilter, please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566. One of our local service technicians will visit your home again to assess your unique situation and implement a permanent solution.
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I spoke to Joe Roschvale VP of Leaf Filter. He was nastiest person I ever spoke to, his tone and attitude from the start of the conversation is; there is nothing Leaf Filter will do for you.

I would stay away from the product. Because their guarantee is worthless. They did come out to try to resolve the issue, but their fix never stopped the overflow problem. So their final method of fixing the issue for leaf filter was to be abusive to a customer.

I never write reviews on the internet, but the way this execustive handled this issue, I think the public should be aware of the way this company bullied the little guy.