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After 4-5 years its like having no gutters at all

Hello- Please contact our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566. We would be more than happy to come out to your home and figure out what the issue is so that your LeafFilter performs at its optimal level.
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after a number of years 4-5 its like having no gutters at all. when it rains the water just runs off gutter .

it just flows off the filer, no going into the gutter at all. they depict that when the wind blows it will blow off any thing that laying on the filer. false! its like having no gutters at all!

I've tried calling leaffiler nw 3 times they don't return calls at all. There customer service sucks a big oneiam about ready tocall the better business b. or atty.

gen.there should be a class act. suit against these people.

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Leaffilter rocks

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear you are a strong supporter of our product and company.
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard

Consumer reports did a 16 month study on Pro installed gutter protection, in the end Leaffilter killed everybody period. Google it Sept 2010 is the issue.

Some but not all of the people that post on here work for one of the dozens of other companies that Leaffilter is killing in the market place. Readers be careful. Leaffilter is a great company with a great product at a competitive price and that's easily verifiable. When we have a valid complaint, its been my experience, we deal with it quickly and efficiently.

We value out reputation too much not to. When you fight your way to #1 in an industry you get haters.

Chris C



If you were as wonderful as you do say so yourself, in ten years you would be a well known household name instead of relying on one outdated article. If your product was he benchmark you wouldn't have new and improved versions and to *** with the paying customers with the failed beta versions.


notice how "Chris C" identifies himself as "anonymous" in the opening of his comments, but ends up showing his hand as an employee of the company.....just reread the last couple of sentences and you will see what I mean.........just more LIES from a company that truly has NO SCRUPLES, and teaches their employees to forget anything that show any integrity or honesty...."LIE FOR THE BUCKS" would be a much better name for the entire company and their training programs..


If you take the time to read the while article you will find that Gutterglove was the highest rated product and cost $10 a foot less.


I'd love to see this idiots gutters his gutters probably look like tiger stripes

Leaf filter truth you tube


I got the low-down from one of your reps at a show. He said I should see the "#1 Consumer Reports gutter guard".

He told me they tested hundreds, but later I found out they actually only tested about 16. Also, your guy pushed really hard saying you couldn't go under the shingles with a gutter guard or I'd void my roof warranty. He made it out to be very frightening if you touched a roof. I signed up for an estimate based on this.

Then I found my way through the show to the MasterShield booth. They said they were from the same inventor, a newer version of the technology. They also had letters from GAF and Owens Corning for me to look at that they could go under the shingles and wouldn't void the shingle warranty as you claimed. Are you "killing the competition" with misleading information just to scare people into choosing your product?

I went back and cancelled my estimate. Since I have a choice, I chose the new version rather than the old one.

Shame on you for your tactics, especially with someone on a fixed income.


They only tested 16?!?! Wow.

That's sarcasm by the way. Master Shield isn't the same. It has an aluminum base and a steel mesh.

Hey Einstein Google what happens when you have 2 different metals working together. Master Shield is garbage.


You are misleading people if you read the full report from Consumer Reports it says and i quote! Though all were impressive at shedding debris, even the top-scoring Leaf Filter screen was only middling at containing a severe downpour.

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Online reviews are ***- try word of mouth review instead

Hello, We appreciate your feedback. We're so glad you are pleased with our product and service. Thank you for being a valued LeafFilter customer.
#392211 Review #392211 is a subjective opinion of poster.

If you know anything about advertising and sales, other competition go on to these sites and talk down their competitors that are succeeding because they are failing. Ask people you know who have the product and make a decision for yourself.

I've had leaffilter since the company opened and I love the product. Sales in sales. Every sales agent is pushy. Its their job to make commission.

From experience the over all product is amazing and if I do ever find myself not happy, I have a lifetime money back guaruntee so if that time ever comes then I will deal with it then. Do you real research and dont believe everything you hear online.


Funny but you yourself have left your comment anonymously! I can tell you from experience that most of the negative comments on this site about leaffilter are probably accurate.

To be fair, leaffilter does do thousands of installations without complaints, but their product certainly does clog with algae on some homes and you are, in reality, subject to the possible lack of expertise of subcontractor installers.

Those are just facts. The markup on the product is also extreme as the remarks from past salesman attest.


Yes, it's a well known fact, happy customers go looking for a place that disputes the experience they paid dearly for a product that just does what it says. For a company to spend this much time online looking to write fake testimonials on a site that was created because you haven't fulfilled your promises speaks volumes.


leaf filter truth you tube

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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry for the pressure you may have experienced. Your input has been forwarded to our management team and will be taken into consideration.
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard



SEVERAL TIMES WE REPEATED TO HIM, BUT HE WALK OUT.Never felt so frighten by representative of acompany. hope no as to go through this.

1 comment

Thank you for taking your time to save us from the same experience. I will go with someone local.

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Waste of Money, Damage to your spouting

Hello- LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading lifetime, transferrable warranty. We offer a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566 if you are still experiencing issues with our gutter guard product.
#386287 Review #386287 is a subjective opinion of poster.

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website.

Verified Reviewer

I paid well over $1000 for "LeafFilter" on my spoutings. The first install took all day and I had to help clean up.

The install was very, very poorly done and my spoutings were damaged in the install.. The workmanship was poor, the screening is "wavy" and not fastened in the back. There are gaps, and I recently paid a roofing company $225 to clean my clogged gutters that are allegedly protected by this junk. Second install by a person, who came in a mini van and a ladder, I was not home when he started and by the time I did arrive he was packing up and claimed he re-installed the shiels properly.

He lied he only did one half the job and it was terrible. MORE HOLES IN MY NEW SPOUTING. Do not patronize this company, run away from this rip off operation.

TERRIBLE. Now I have clogged spoutings and less money.


This was obviously not leave filter they are much more expensive I spent almost $5000 I am very pleased with the product I've had it now for three years


It was Leaf Filter, and they initially tried to charge me much more than what I paid. Almost 3X as much.

Plus I had a small Cape Cod style home and perhaps your home was larger.

Since I wrote the check , I know whom I hired and who I paid.

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Leaf Filter Gutter Protection Review

Hello- Thank you for your positive feedback. We are so pleased that you are satisfied with our gutter guards. LeafFilter truly is the #1 gutter guard system in America.
#382315 Review #382315 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I Have a heavily wooded home. My gutters always get Clogged. I spent about $6000 on gutter protection that worked off a reverse curve. My gutters still clogged.

I read the reviews about Leaffilter and I must say I was skeptical. But the truth is it really works. My installers here locally in Charlotte were awesome. The salesman was great very low-pressure, I like to buy I don't want to be sold.

My complaint is, where was leaf filter 15 years ago when I spent $6000 on something that didn't work. Leaf filter offers the best value for your dollar.

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Hello, We are sorry to hear that your experience was less than satisfactory. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 and we will be happy to assess your situation once again.
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard
LeafFilter North - AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!

I installed this product last summer to solve the problem of leaves in my gutter. This issue caused some icing last winter and I specifically wanted to solve this issue. The salesperson told me it would. Please see the attached pictures to see how the solution worked. Obviously, it created it's own problem. In the fall I had runoff during thunderstorms--the winter it has truly created a serious icing issue!!!

When I called--the service department kept referring me to mother nature. What? I lived in my home for 15 years--the first ever problem was last winter--the cause: leaves. This winter, the leaves are gone, but the problem is even worse. Nothing to do with mother nature. If this product is installed on the north side of the house, the screen freezes over and does not melt and the ice continues to built, and build, and build.

After VERY frustrating conversations with their service department--I said I wanted the filters unistalled--their answer? Sign a waver and we will. I will not sign anything until I see what damage theire product caused to my roof. Need proof? Look below--every inch of the filter is frozen!!

The product is awful and the service department condescending. AVOID


Are people seriously this ***? Leaf Filter does not have control over freezing temps.

They can help protect your gutters but nothing is fool proof. If you don't like frozen water move to a warmer climate.


this is exactly correct. Snow packs the screens making the gutters pointless.


I had a reverse curve system that was a disaster to say the least. I had Leaf Filter installed and could not be happier.

It performs as promised and no longer do I have the icicles in the winter. happy to never have to deal with gutter issues ever again.

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Leaf filter system-a joke and way too expensive

Hello, LeafFilter does not cause or prevent icicles. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that we can further evaluate your situation and design a solution that will work for your unique situation.
#375575 Review #375575 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Two weeks ago Leaf Filter was installed on all gutters on my house. Little bit of moisture, 20 degree weather, icicles all over the place; leaking gutters; ice on pavement.

In this house for 20 years and NEVER HAVE THERE BEEN ICICLES OFF THE GUTTERS. This is a rip off and i want the Leaf Filter system removed and my $6,500 returned in full. The sign on the lawn needs to come down as i do not want to advertise how *** i was for buying this system.

Do not believe the gutters were cleaned as i was sold and there were to be no leaks. I am really really disgusted

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Don't waste your money on LeafFilter!!!

Hello- Hi there - We understand your concerns, however, LeafFilter North and LeafFilter NW are separate business entities. I can assure you that LeafFilter North honors our own warranty and guarantee.
#358843 Review #358843 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Gutter Guard

Your gutters don't get clogged (which is the guarantee) but the filter product gets clogged with pollen almost immediately so the water runs over the gutter. Might as well not have gutters at all.

The splashing has caused extensive damage to our siding and doors. Trust me this product is worthless. At first the dealer was diligent about coming out 4 times a year to spray the product off. Now that dealer has gone out of business so we are out of luck.

A new dealer has taken over our area and does not support the guarantee.

We were taken. It currently costs us $1500 a year to have our LeafFilter cleaned!!!

1 comment

If you haven't already done so, be sure to report this company to the BBB as well as Angies List. You should, as well, have the contract and guarantee to support a claim in court!

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Unwilling to work with our contractor

Hello, We apologize for the inconvenience. Your situation is very unique and we'd be more than happy to find a solution. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 to further discuss your issue.
#357265 Review #357265 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Estimate

During Hurricane Sandy, an oak tree fell on our house and a 5' section of Leaf Filters guards were unsalvagable. We called the Maryland distributor and they were adamant that the missing section could only be installed by their outside contractor and they would send someone to give us an estimate.

Very uncooperative in light of our situation. Leaf Filters installed the gutter guards three years ago.

The guards work very well, which was the reason we wanted to use Leaf Filters again. Anybody having this system installed, request the installing contractor leave any residual product in the event you should need a one foot section later!

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Protecting Consumer Information

Hello- LeafFilter makes it a priority to protect every customer's confidential information. All financial information is handled with the highest level of security.
#343311 Review #343311 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I happen to love the product from Leaf Filter however I do not love the way Leaf Filter (N. Illinois) protected by credit card information.

Credit Card information was written on paper and faxed around the organization and low and behold several fraudulent credit card charges showed up shortly thereafter. No real proof however strong circumstantial evidence since only charge on CC was Leaf Filter other than normal recurring charges.

For 1st time in life had to closed credit account and obtain new card...

Product is good however "cannot" recommend the Leaf Filter company to family/friends since my trust in them protecting my credit information was lost.


I would respectfully disagree since I did not use this particular credit card except for recurring monthly bills and I happened to see the fax (w/account # information) in the hands of the installer who put the gutters/leaf filter on my house. There was no need for the installer to have that information and as such would say the information was not as protected as you happen to think it is.

Respectfully yours


We regret your unfortunate situation. However, even as you mention there is no proof regarding how your credit card was used fraudulently. We follow strict security and privacy measures to safeguard consumers' information. Faxes and other transmissions are secure and only accessible by limited persons.

It is much more likely that your credit card information was comprised from an online transaction.

Greg Banig

Director of Digital Media

LeafFilter North, Inc.

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Rusty leaf filter screws

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that we can assess your situation.
#328834 Review #328834 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Installation

We Had leaf filter installed on our gutters 6 years ago and now the installation screws are rusty and staining our white gutters. I emailed the LEAF FILTER company website and said that the mesh screen is stainless steel but the rusty screws I thought should have been aluminum or stainless in the northern part of the country.

Leaf filter rep did contact me later called after I emailed them and said they are steel painted screws and nothing they could do.

He said not cost effective to use aluminum. I used to praise them at the home shows, but not anymore!!

1 comment

We use stainless steel painted screws on our installs and never have this problem.

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Leaf Filter Guards of Seattle

Hello, We apologize for the inconvenience. If you contact our service support team at 800-749-4566, a local technician will be happy to come to your home and assess the situation and design a custom solution.
#313542 Review #313542 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Filter

It might be true that gutters will not clog but what about the micro-screens? Dirt, pollen and whatever small particles clog the screens and now instead of just cleaning out your gutters you have to scrape the *** off the top and then soak the screens/scrub with a brush and then wash off.

So now a job that maybe might have taken 2 hrs to do takes days.

Also watch on how they are installed. Mine have been up 4 yrs now and rain water has back up ,due to flashing that was installed improperly, under the shingles and now my roof is leaking .

1 comment

We had these gutters installed three years ago and now we might as well not have gutters. Dirt, oil and whatever else have made the micro screen waterproof and water runs over the gutter, not into the gutter.

The worst spot in the whole gutter system is right over our front porch so we walk through a waterfall. Detergent and a scrub brush don't seem to work. Thinking of poking lots of small holes through the micro screen.

Wish I could sue! :(

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Leaf filter / Preffered Plastics

We do honor our warranty. We were a LeafFilter dealer for 2 years but now that we own our production and installation proccesses, we do honor warranties.
#283067 Review #283067 is a subjective opinion of poster.

We were a leaf filter dealer for a period of about 2 years in the mass and ct area. This product officially sucks, does not work, has a warranty that no one will honor, and will not give you any money back.

Their popular excuse is their product was not properly installed and improper adhesives were used. Well thats all a bunch of ................... The frame of the leaf filter is plastic / vinyl and the mesh is stainless steel. Two components which have completely different phisical properties.

They expand and contract differently at various temperatures.

Due to this expansion and contraction, the silicon fails (Geocell 7700), and the stainless steel mesh is in your neighbors yard. This is not a fairy tale story to bash a product, this story is backed up with tons of upset customers in mass and ct, which can be available upon request with their permission.

Need any more proof, you can find us on asggutter.com


leaffilter can only be bought from leaffilter. There are no independent dealers. It is company owned with 22 locations covering 28 states.


This anonymous posting is nothing but sour grapes by an inferior competitor.


Called their warranty department, got forwarded to the right person, left a message on many occasions. Never got a phone call back. At this point a class action lawsuut would be appropriate, and put them out of business.


This posting is complete bull Leaffilter doesn't have independent dealers which is what this person is claiming to be. The first comment is right this is a case of sour grapes 99% chance this is a competitor. Leaffilter is the number one gutter protection in America and that's easy to verify, Just read Consumer Reports September 2010 they did a 16 month study on gutter protection and found Leaffilter to be the number one gutter protection on the market


You have got to be crazy Leaf does use Independent dealers some are huge but still the same. Most if not all use Subcontractors and pay very little.

Plus the want have the manufacturing of the product to be done by the Subcontractor who remember is getting paid *** and have to travel 100's miles just to do the job.

I use to work for an independent Contractor and yeah i know what i'm talking about.

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Way over priced

Hello- There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and whether a gutter replacement is necessary. For more information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page: http://www.leaffilter.com/leaffilter-pricing/
#272507 Review #272507 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I can not say how well or how poorly Leaf filter works but I have a pavilion in a campground more than an hour drive from my home. When I contacted them I explained exactly what I had ( 2 straight 40 foot sections 15 feet above the ground and asked for ball park figure or an average price per foot so I could make a decision on if it was worth my while to make the drive and wait on them to arrive. Stated that all jobs are different and wouldn't give any idea on an amount.

I set up an appointment and when they arrived they found that it was exactly as I had described. Gave me a price of $1995.00. ( which is nearly $25.00 per foot) I declined. The salesman was nice and did not try to pressure me.

Called another company told them exactly what I had. They told me over the phone that the price would be $200.00 ($2.50 per foot) if they didn't run into problems. They arrived at scheduled time did the job for $200.00 and

I am pleased.

Can't speak about the quality of leaf Filters product put can say I feel that they are way over priced and believe that you can can basically the same system installed for way less money elsewhere.


I had the same product installed and it works great. If you want cheap than buy cheap.

They weren't overpriced. The salesman offered me a price and he explained why they like to have someone sign on the first day. I agreed. He said I would find a lesser product for lesser money but I didn't want my shingles disturbed.

I understand companies have to make money.

Most people don't and want quality for nothing. Good product and a fair price.


@NAMWAL, they gave me a rather high price (much higher than your quote) but if you're willing to pay what they ask then that is your problem. When it comes to a service industry such as Leaf Filter they have a bottom dollar they are allowed to go to, so they start high expecting you to talk them down and if you don't you're a fool.


So you are telling me they are starting out trying to screw me? why in the *** would i want to buy from a company like that. Go sell used cars


I had leaf filter out for a quote as well for my garage separate from the house. I had another quote from gutter glove the similar type of mesh product.

Both were around the same ballpark. Not by any means cheap but I went with leaf filter because I didnt want to put the gutter glove up under my roof and I like the fact that the sales guy also didnt pressure me.


I bought this last year and absolutely love it. I looked at some of the cheaper stuff but when Consumer Reports ranked them the best I decided to call and get a quote.

Leaf Filter wasn't the cheapest but it works and that's all that matters me. For what it's worth I would recommend this stuff to anyone who asked.

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