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LeafFilter North - Total junk and a scam

There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. This is why the price will vary from neighbor to neighbor. Additionally, one homeowner may have been eligible for discounts and promotions depending on a number of different factors (time of year, military discount, senior discount, etc.). It's our mission to provide homeowners with the best possible price along with the best possible product.
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It's a get rich quick scam for the company, and it won't be long before they have to many complaints and lawsuits and will file for bankruptcy. And run laughing all the way to the bank.

I have seen them sell the product to a customer for $28.00 a foot and then run into a tougher sell customer and sell the same exact thing to the harder to sell costumer for as little as $10.00 a foot. So it is a real scam.

Oh and if u do sign the contract, call the next day, cancel, and u will get it offered to you as low as $10.00 a foot to keep the sale.

Signed:::: inside scoop

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LeafFilter North - Leaf Filters don"t stop fir needle clogs

Hi Elizabeth, We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that we can determine a solution to your issue.
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My gutters have been on my NE Portland house for two years and there's continued gutter clogging. I have to go out with the long handled broom they gave me to swept off needles or ask someone to get up on a ladder to clean off needles.

I paid over $6,000 for the gutters and there's still overflowing on my front side of the house.

I tried to get someone out to check them but there would a a fee of $147 to just look at them. I'm so disappointed in their service and follow-up Don't buy these gutters!


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LeafFilter North - Large amounts of debris laying on top of my gutters

We are more than happy to come out and assess your situation and provide a solution. Please reach out to our corporate office's service and support team. We have local technicians in your area that can come out to your home and provide a solution. Our team can be reached at 800-749-4566.
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LeafFilter North - Large amounts of debris laying on top of my gutters

I had this installed at my home near Hastings, Mi where we have massive amounts of trees, I was concerned because the product sits flat and I told the sales person that when he came out my concern. Then the lying started, he told me that they gave your money back if gutters clogged, and they were rated #1 by consumer reports magazine and the wind blows everything off if the rain doesn't wash it off.

Also he said in a heavy rain it will not run over the gutters.

All of these were lies because before my leaves fell and didnt wash off we had a light to moderate rain and it was like I had no gutters all, then when the leaves fell my gutters were non existant. This company doesnt return calls, they lie to you when you call and they dont ever give people their money back.


Photos look just like my house. There isn't a comment you made that isn't 100% true.

Customer service couldn't be any worse, they outright lie, they make false claims, don't stand behind their product, don't return calls and when you're lucky enough to get an appointment scheduled, they don't show up. We've sued. Already been to an attorney.

Apparently the local attorney they use in my area is all too familiar with their shoddy product and conduct and offered us a settlement although we're taking it to the local district court for a FULL refund which my layer is confidant we'll get. Consider doing the same, I'm tired of them getting away with this.


Congratulations welcome to scam filter

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LeafFilter North - Stuff cakes like wet mud to the screen

Hi there - LeafFilter is designed to never disturb your roof, because this will void your roof warranty. Made from a medical grade stainless steel material, nothing organic will adhere to our system or grow on it. We have every desire to address your issues. Please reach out to our dedicated customer service team so that we can provide a solution to your unique situation.
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I had this and brand new gutters installed in Holland, MI and I must say that from Day it was a disaster, first the Sales Manager Rick Mosbey said that we could match any color perfectly which was a complete lie. He then say that they wouldnt stick anything under my shingles, that was also a lie because they put straps under my shingles which the liar was so against.

Then he told me that everything would blow right off, GUESS WHAT ANOTHER LIE!!!!! The stuff sticks right to the SURGICALLY ENGINEERED MICROMESH and my gutters are non existent so therefore we spent $7400.00 for gutters and its worse than not having gutters at all.

This company is a joke they were not willing to offer any solutions other than go spray them off with the hose, this would be okay but we just had them installed. I wouldnt refer this company to my worst enemy.


I can tell u mate you could have done the job yourself for a fifth of the price. I worked for a company in Scotland .

I was contracted to a large company in Elgin when our work was almost compleat.

The managing director of the company asked me to do some extra work on the building ie:- Seagull feathers were choking the gutters and downpipes. My crew and myself. undertook the work

we only fitted larger diameter down - pipes

cut them short at the bottom by 500mm. form a drain with a

4-inch lip and fit a grating with small holes so leaves can not get through.Keep a yard brush handy and just sweep the leaves out of the grating.put them in the compost heap.

Job done

No scam company no. over rated bills.


We had them at our house for an estimate,we started at over 5000,which is way out of our budget. Then he called his boss and asked if there was anything else they could do,we went down to 4000 range.ugh still to much for our budget.

The next day the project manager called me to see if all went well with the estimate,i said yes can't afford it,he said he had a lot of inventory left over and didn't need that much inventory.

We could have it done for 2000 dollars i was mad so to say,if he can offer it down that low the next day,he could have done it for same price before.I just say this a company that is trying to rip off. Thank You


Fake. Thanks "Susie". I guess your husband's name is John Smith.


My neighbor just got leaf filter and raved how much research she did and pressed me to check into them before signing a contract to get new gutters. The many snarky comments on this and other reviews has totally convinced me to spare myself from associating with a company which puts so much effort into degrading and mocking the opinions of others. If you have a great product and good business ethics, you respond to complaints with good customer service, not this kind of childish churlish mud slinging.

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LeafFilter North - Screen clogs with pollin

Hi There, LeafFilter offers a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact our sales support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technician can come out to your home and find a solution to your issue.
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I seen them at a show in kalamazoo, mi and this lady insisted no it doesnt clog so i figured okay Ill take a look. The sale guy or Manager as he said no we give you your money back if it clogs.

Then we wanted to think about it and they guys refused to leave so we signed and then sent in the notice to cancel and by the time we got home they had installed the product a day early. The sales guy said SORRY THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO!!!!!

now our gutters have more ice than before and they clog with everything. I took them off and threw them away THIS PRODUCT IS AWFUL!!!!

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LeafFilter North - Cause extreme amounts of ice

Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay. Additionally, installers are reimbursed for mileage for every job that they complete.
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This company sold a job for 5800.00 which came out to 28 dollars a foot. I am an installer and they pay us 1.00 per foot to install this.

They wanted me to go 85 miles and chisel ice out of a gutter and didnt want to pay me an extra trip charge. Not to mention the operations manager RICK MOSBY lied about the roads being bad and there were 4 installers and 2 marketers waiting for their checks that all drove on the same roads and RICK MOSBY decided just to stay home.

Beware of this company!!!! They will overcharge you and their leadership and customer service is horrible!

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Yes sir previous installer myself worst company ever along with gutter helmet just look at complaints on bbb rusted screws 2 years tiger stripes on gutters after 2 years screen grows mold moss overflow issues *** just look at leaf filter truth youtube

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LeafFilter North - Product does not work

Hello, We are sorry to hear that your experience with our product was less than satisfactory. Please contact our sales support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technican can come out to your home and find a solution.
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I had this installed near Traverse City and I was told by the sales representative that everything would wash off. WRONG!!!

I have a white Birch tree and the stuff just piles up like wet newspaper and the water runs right over the top, this results in me having to scrape off my gutter protection that I was told I would never have to clean.

Also I have a Metal roof which they told me it wouldnt be a problem but the ice problem is far worse now that I have had this installed this on my house. Never again Ill just clean them for the price I paid.

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LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed

Hi there- This situation happened at a company sponsored function. The employee became intoxicated and as a result became aggressive with others at the company event. Immediately following the event, the employee was terminated. We have taken the proper precautions to prevent this type of instance from occurring in the future.
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LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed
LeafFilter North - Nothing but ABUSE Guaranteed

I worked for Leaffilter North of Michigan. As a ritual every morning the Operations Manager (Rick Mosby) and the installation Manager would sit down and try to figure out how to get people that were refusing to pay because of a badly installed job to pay.

We went to Florida for a Company Trip and I was physically assaulted (Pictures to follow) I was beaten within an inch of my life by the two officers CHRIS COUNAHAN (vice president of sales) AND JOE ROSCHIVAL(vice president of installation) and the Charlotte, NC Operations Manager Beah Leahy. I will be posting videos of this on you tube and have also sent them to several News Channels in which some have contacted me to interview next week.

MATT KAULIG (OWNER) refused to do anything about the matter and forced me to resign, I am currently in the process of suing and will follow up on progress along with you tube videos. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!


I am also an old employee of Leaffilter and I know Joe R. personally as well as owner.

That are both amazing men & I do not believe for one moment that Joe would have abused a person like that. As for owner Matt he is a super nice guy and he does care about his customers as well as employees. They did not grow the company this large this fast by treating employees and customers like ***. While working with the company I handled customer complaints and Matt would always make sure that his customers were happy and well taken care of.

I learned so much while working for Leaffilter & I am happy to let people know what a great company they truly are. Tina C.



BUNCH OF *** LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The funniest part is how great of a company they think they are. They find random contractors to install the job for $1 per foot and rip off the customer for $35 per foot. They take down anyone just to make money.

They are not only ripping off the customers but also the employees and contractors that work for them. They don't give a *** about any of their employees. All the CEO wants is to be rich and screw everyone else over to get to the top. I agree with this man.

BUNCH OF TOOLS run this company.













I'm and check out the bbb there are complaints for every office we the installers used to sit in office and laugh at customers calling in complaining about ice or over or this new that they don't care about you they got there 25 dollars a ft lol


Joe rosh Uvalde a pip squeeze *** got who used to work for Erie construction he knows nothing about running shut I love their install video on YouTube of him doing a install yeah ducking right that dumb as sits in his office guess who does your installs people no (factory trained) employees lol even though that's what they tell you it's subs hired out through company who get trained one day then they go away either way if it was installed correctly system sucks leaf filter truth you tube


How about learning to speak?


Of course this poster does not say what he did to initiate this fracas. He was NOT beaten within an inch of life which shows in the photos he posted.

You do not die from a cut lip and a few scratches. He was NOT beaten by Chris Counahan and Joe Roschival. They simply stepped in to put an end to the fight this poster started.

Yes, he was forced to resign as any conscientous company owner would do to an employee that gets drunk at a company function and starts a fight. Stay sober and stay out of fights and you may be able to keep your next job.


I was told they didn't have any complaints on file at the better business bureau,why is it no one is complaining to better business bureau .Those are the complaints that need to be done.


Great point

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LeafFilter North - Product that made of plastic cant handle hot cold

Hello, There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter. Some of these factors include the inside and outside corners of your gutters, the number of stories on your home, and whether you need a gutter replacement. We encourage you to learn more about our LeafFilter pricing by visiting the following page on our website: http://www.leaffilter.com/leaffilter-pricing/
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my product buckles twists and is not made for extreme temperatures the screws they used rusted in 2 years

the installer was thorough and installed it like salesman

said they would wish i went to a metal type material

plastic is not right material put on ur house or any house

in my opinion my neighbor 4 houses down has roughly same size house they charged me 2600 dollars and he payed 1850

after looking at both houses we pratically have same amount

gutters very unhappy i feal i was took for a fool i wish everybody would post what they paid and amount gutter they have and im sure a lot other people got screwed like i did

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LeafFilter North - Never set appointment

Hi There, We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at 800-749-4566 and we'll be more than happy to schedule a free in-home estimate. You can also request an estimate online by visiting the following page on our website: http://www.leaffilter.com/free-estimate/
#438737 Review #438737 is a subjective opinion of poster.

I requested an estimate online. Someone got back to me within 24 hours, to tell me that someone would contact me!

That never happened. I wrote an email and they never even bothered to respond to it! In the email I explained that I had never been contacted by a representative to come out and provide an estimate. Can't imagine what their service would be like if they can't even get their act together to give an estimate.

Too bad really, I had read Consumer Reports and it gave them a very favorable review. Would not trust them at all now.


I just had the exact same experience. They canceled on me twice and then called and said they would not service my area.

Further research shows the product in inferior anyway. I would suggest one thing...Run!


I had a similar experience. Met them at a fair and they called the next day.

I set up an apt with them and they never showed up or called. NOT the kind of business for me.

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