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Rusty leaf filter screws

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that we can assess your situation.
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Leaffilter North Installation

We Had leaf filter installed on our gutters 6 years ago and now the installation screws are rusty and staining our white gutters. I emailed the LEAF FILTER company website and said that the mesh screen is stainless steel but the rusty screws I thought should have been aluminum or stainless in the northern part of the country.

Leaf filter rep did contact me later called after I emailed them and said they are steel painted screws and nothing they could do.

He said not cost effective to use aluminum. I used to praise them at the home shows, but not anymore!!

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We use stainless steel painted screws on our installs and never have this problem.

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Leaf Filter Guards of Seattle

Hello, We apologize for the inconvenience. If you contact our service support team at 800-749-4566, a local technician will be happy to come to your home and assess the situation and design a custom solution.
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Leaffilter North Filter

It might be true that gutters will not clog but what about the micro-screens? Dirt, pollen and whatever small particles clog the screens and now instead of just cleaning out your gutters you have to scrape the *** off the top and then soak the screens/scrub with a brush and then wash off.

So now a job that maybe might have taken 2 hrs to do takes days.

Also watch on how they are installed. Mine have been up 4 yrs now and rain water has back up ,due to flashing that was installed improperly, under the shingles and now my roof is leaking .

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We had these gutters installed three years ago and now we might as well not have gutters. Dirt, oil and whatever else have made the micro screen waterproof and water runs over the gutter, not into the gutter.

The worst spot in the whole gutter system is right over our front porch so we walk through a waterfall. Detergent and a scrub brush don't seem to work. Thinking of poking lots of small holes through the micro screen.

Wish I could sue! :(

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Leaf filter / Preffered Plastics

We do honor our warranty. We were a LeafFilter dealer for 2 years but now that we own our production and installation proccesses, we do honor warranties.
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We were a leaf filter dealer for a period of about 2 years in the mass and ct area. This product officially sucks, does not work, has a warranty that no one will honor, and will not give you any money back.

Their popular excuse is their product was not properly installed and improper adhesives were used. Well thats all a bunch of ................... The frame of the leaf filter is plastic / vinyl and the mesh is stainless steel. Two components which have completely different phisical properties.

They expand and contract differently at various temperatures.

Due to this expansion and contraction, the silicon fails (Geocell 7700), and the stainless steel mesh is in your neighbors yard. This is not a fairy tale story to bash a product, this story is backed up with tons of upset customers in mass and ct, which can be available upon request with their permission.

Need any more proof, you can find us on asggutter.com


leaffilter can only be bought from leaffilter. There are no independent dealers. It is company owned with 22 locations covering 28 states.


This anonymous posting is nothing but sour grapes by an inferior competitor.


Called their warranty department, got forwarded to the right person, left a message on many occasions. Never got a phone call back. At this point a class action lawsuut would be appropriate, and put them out of business.


This posting is complete bull Leaffilter doesn't have independent dealers which is what this person is claiming to be. The first comment is right this is a case of sour grapes 99% chance this is a competitor. Leaffilter is the number one gutter protection in America and that's easy to verify, Just read Consumer Reports September 2010 they did a 16 month study on gutter protection and found Leaffilter to be the number one gutter protection on the market


You have got to be crazy Leaf does use Independent dealers some are huge but still the same. Most if not all use Subcontractors and pay very little.

Plus the want have the manufacturing of the product to be done by the Subcontractor who remember is getting paid *** and have to travel 100's miles just to do the job.

I use to work for an independent Contractor and yeah i know what i'm talking about.

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Way over priced

Hello- There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and whether a gutter replacement is necessary. For more information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page: http://www.leaffilter.com/leaffilter-pricing/
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New Reviewer

I can not say how well or how poorly Leaf filter works but I have a pavilion in a campground more than an hour drive from my home. When I contacted them I explained exactly what I had ( 2 straight 40 foot sections 15 feet above the ground and asked for ball park figure or an average price per foot so I could make a decision on if it was worth my while to make the drive and wait on them to arrive. Stated that all jobs are different and wouldn't give any idea on an amount.

I set up an appointment and when they arrived they found that it was exactly as I had described. Gave me a price of $1995.00. ( which is nearly $25.00 per foot) I declined. The salesman was nice and did not try to pressure me.

Called another company told them exactly what I had. They told me over the phone that the price would be $200.00 ($2.50 per foot) if they didn't run into problems. They arrived at scheduled time did the job for $200.00 and

I am pleased.

Can't speak about the quality of leaf Filters product put can say I feel that they are way over priced and believe that you can can basically the same system installed for way less money elsewhere.


I had the same product installed and it works great. If you want cheap than buy cheap.

They weren't overpriced. The salesman offered me a price and he explained why they like to have someone sign on the first day. I agreed. He said I would find a lesser product for lesser money but I didn't want my shingles disturbed.

I understand companies have to make money.

Most people don't and want quality for nothing. Good product and a fair price.


@NAMWAL, they gave me a rather high price (much higher than your quote) but if you're willing to pay what they ask then that is your problem. When it comes to a service industry such as Leaf Filter they have a bottom dollar they are allowed to go to, so they start high expecting you to talk them down and if you don't you're a fool.


So you are telling me they are starting out trying to screw me? why in the *** would i want to buy from a company like that. Go sell used cars


I had leaf filter out for a quote as well for my garage separate from the house. I had another quote from gutter glove the similar type of mesh product.

Both were around the same ballpark. Not by any means cheap but I went with leaf filter because I didnt want to put the gutter glove up under my roof and I like the fact that the sales guy also didnt pressure me.


I bought this last year and absolutely love it. I looked at some of the cheaper stuff but when Consumer Reports ranked them the best I decided to call and get a quote.

Leaf Filter wasn't the cheapest but it works and that's all that matters me. For what it's worth I would recommend this stuff to anyone who asked.

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Hello- Thank you for the feedback. All LeafFilter installers are well-trained to provide the highest levels of customer service as well as a quality installation job.
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New Reviewer

Leaffilter.com work good but installers are bone heads. Sales person was very nice(BIG SURPRISE HUH!), installer was rude and got Belligerent with my wife when she would not sign the inspection sheet, she was sick and was not suppossed to leave the house, I told the sales person that when I purchased the system the installer needed to come when I was home, he did not.

The installer did not put the end caps on and left big gaps in the ''filter''.

So far it seems to work ok but it is after the leaves have fallen and we have not gotten much rain.


Hmm mm wonder why they couldn't wait till you were home maybe cause in most states you have three days to cancel contract unless unless! U already had work performed your screwed boom

F leaffilter


I had the opposite experience. The Leaffilter installer was extremely nice and helpful.

He showed up exactly when he said he would be there and did a great job.

It was a great experience from start to finish. My brother-in-law also had Leaffilter installed in New Jersey and he had a great experience as well.

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LeafFilter Installers Were Contractors and Did a Sloppy Job

Hello- All LeafFilter installers are highly-trained to install our product properly so that it functions at its optimal condition. If you have concerns with the installation process, please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566. Thank you!
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard
New Reviewer
Update by user Oct 30, 2011

I\'m putting the name \"Leaf Filter\" in here in case someone searches for that name.

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2011

I had mine installed on Saturday, Oct 08, 2011. I live in southern NJ.

A year or two ago I did some research on gutter guards and actually installed three different types of Amerimax products from Home Depot. I did that to see which type worked better. From what I had read, and from my experience, the mesh screen type works the best for most situations. Note that I understand that no product is 100%. If you've been cleaning your gutters four times a year, after installing just about any type of gutter guard, you'll cut that down to zero times a year and will just need to do some maintenance/cleaning once every few years. So if you keep that in mind, don't fall for the "it'll never clog" or "you'll never need to clean it" gimmicks. You can't realistically believe that you can put on a gutter guard and never have to do anything to it.

Because I actually have experience installing gutter guards, I know more about them than the average homeowner. So why did I get LeafFilter installed? Because they were for my top gutters, which are too high up for me to comfortably and safely install on my own.

On Sat, Oct 01, 2011 I met with Steve, the LeafFilter salesman. He showed me the product and based on my experience, I knew that the design was good. He made some additional points that made the product stand out, such as the following:

- It can be easily removed since it goes on top of the gutters and is only held down with screws on the front.

- It does not install under your shingles, so it won't disrupt them or void any shingle warranties.

- He mentioned that it was rated #1 in its category by Consumer Reports. He showed me the article and I verified it and read it thoroughly later on at www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/2010/september/home-garden/gutter-guard/ratings/index.htm.

The product looked very good and basically sold itself. I didn't fall for the sales pitches"”I based my opinion on previous experience and knowledge, so I knew what to look for.

I had specifically asked Steve if the installers were contractors and Steve stated that they were LeafFilter employees and he even went on to state that if anything happened to them during the install, they would be covered under LeafFilter's insurance. Everything sounded good, so Steve wrote up a contract and said that I wasn't obligated to go through with it, but it was easier for him to write it up now. That's fine, since I wasn't required to put any money down. Also, because of miscalculations on my part, I understated the length of my gutters and we had agreed to a price already, so I ended up getting several feet extra at no cost. The retail price on these is $20 a foot, installed. I got mine for well under that.

After doing some additional research, I found that several of the issues with LeafFilter appeared to be with the install. I figured that the install quality wouldn't be much of an issue for me since I'd get up on the roof to inspect the work as it was being done. The Better Business Bureau in NJ only reported two complains, one of which one was resolved satisfactorily.

So based on my findings, I contacted Steve and agreed to the install. I warned him that I was going to inspect the work and would not cut a check until I was satisfied. I asked if the install could be done on Saturday and he said probably around 10:00 AM. OK, I thought, 10:00 AM, give or take an hour or two. Well Saturday comes and I hear nothing from anyone and it's noon already. I contacted Steve and he stated around 1:00 PM. OK. It's now 2:00 PM and no one is here. They finally showed up AFTER 4:00 PM. They had run into some issues at the first job and it took much longer than expected. In retrospect, I should have cancelled the install since it was late and these guys had been working all day already.

I was down the street eating lunch so I wasn't' home when they arrived. When I pulled up to my house, right away I didn't like what I saw. They had a saw sitting on my lawn and boxes of screws and brackets. The ladders and other tools they had were not very professional looking. There was no van or truck there because the supervisor had to go to Home Depot to get supplies to finish up the first job. So it was just two guys there.

Anyway, to get to the point, after talking to these guys, I find out that the one had only been doing this for three weeks. I went up on my roof to inspect their work and noticed that several sections in front had the filters installed on top of the first layer of shingles. In several sections, the fronts of the shingles were torn. So much for the non-disruption of shingles!

The supervisor comes back and I tell him about the issue with the front. By this time the two other guys had already started on the back and it was getting dark (close to 7:00 PM now). The supervisor basically ripped out most of what they had done on the back and re-installed it and worked with the one guy to finish the back. By now it's dark out and I had to get them a work light since I didn't want them to mess up anymore"”if they couldn't install it correctly in the day light, I was scared to think of how they'd do in the dark.

I inspected the back and didn't see any damaged shingles. I made them take out and reinstall at least two sections on the front. By now it's almost 8:00 PM. The install took over three hours, not the 1 ½ - 2 hours that Steve mentioned.

My roof and gutters are less than four years old and in good condition. The gutters are just a long straight run with a short corner on both front and back. In my opinion, this had to be one of the more ideal installs and should have been pretty straightforward. I can't even imagine these guys working on more complicated installs. The one guy said that the install they did earlier (the one that took so long) had a lot of corners so it took more time.

They are also supposed to "seal, repair, and realign" the gutters before install. I asked the one guy if they checked the pitch of the gutters and he said they only check if asked to. So basically they just clean out the gutters and then do the install. And lastly, I find out from the supervisor that he's a contractor, NOT a LeafFilter employees as Steve had stated. That explains the lack of any type of LeafFilter uniform or signs on the van. Oh, and the van leaked oil so now I have two oil spots on my driveway. I was being nice and told the supervisor he could park in my driveway so it's partially my fault.

The next day I go up on my roof again to inspect the work. I found several uneven areas and the back corner had some large gaps that weren't caulked properly. I feel bad for the other home owners who probably never inspected LeafFilter's work. My concern now is that the damaged shingles could cause issues down the road.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

I submitted my complaint via LeafFilter.com's "contact us" page.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's been over two business days now, and haven't received any response from LeafFilter so I called the corporate office and the person I spoke to stated that it can take a few weeks to get a response to complaints. I said that I would file a complaint with the BBB if I didn't hear back from someone today.

Later in the day I heard from someone in corporate and he took down my information. I told him about how Steve misrepresented to me that the installers were employees. He said that the installers are indeed subcontractors, but they only work for LeafFilter.

After that, I heard from the installation manager in NJ and e-mailed him some pictures of the work.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The installation manager came out to take a look. Coincidently I was home sick so I was able to meet him in person and showed him the areas that had issues. He readjusted the front part that was uneven by repositioning the bracket. On the back corner, he put in another screw and more caulk. Regarding the damaged shingles, he said they would be OK since they're just damaged a little bit and my roof line is further back. He reassured me that if I ever have any issues, everything is under warranty.

The install manager kept telling me that everything is under warranty, so even if I didn't spot the bad work, if I had issues in five years, I could call them up. Yeah, that's great that they have the lifetime warranty, but it's an inconvenience for me to have to use it"”the work should have been done correctly the first time. He said that the rest of the install looks good (of course it does, because I had the installers redo the areas in the front when they were here).

Bottom Line: This is a good product, but you need to keep an eye on the installation. Because LeafFilter uses contractors, I don't think they're able to maintain the quality of installations. I think it all comes down to money, and it's cheaper for them to use contractors because they just pay by the job, so if the contractors run into issues and take twice as long as normal, the contractors probably don't get compensated. If you had LeafFilters installed, go up and inspect the installation. I feel sorry for the people who didn't inspect the work and might have issues later on. Here's some additional advice:

- Get everything you discussed in writing"”even the part about the installers being employees. Whatever you asked and whatever the answer was, get it in writing.

- Schedule to be the first job of the day and take off from work if you have to. If you get it done on a weekend, there probably won't be anyone in LeafFilter's office to complain to if you run into issues.

- Never pay until the work is completed. I didn't really want to give the check to the installers, but they did do the work, albeit bad work. I knew I could file a complaint later so I paid them.

- Get up on the roof and inspect the work. You cannot take it for granted that these guys will do a good job. Even if you have no experience with gutter guards, a bad install should be pretty easy to spot.

This is the name of the company, per https://newjersey.mylicense.com/verification/Search.aspx?facility=Y:

Name: LeafFilters North of New Jersey, Inc (the contract I signed has "LeafFilter" with no "˜s' at the end)

Address: Hudson,OH

Profession/License Type: Home Improvement Contractors,Home Improvement Contractor

License No: 13VH0608****

License Status: Active

Issue Date: 1/19/2011

Expiration Date: 12/31/2011


Sounds like you like to gripe and complain a lot. People like you can never be pleased!

I've dealt with your type way too many times. You must be a democrat lol!


Yeah, all the installers are "subcontractors" but since the company will NOT allow them to work for anyone else doing gutter work, the company is blatantly violating FEDERAL LAW pertaining to subcontractors.....EVERY single one of Leaf Filters' subcontractors, INCLUDING the sales personnel needs to file for an SS-8 determination status letter with the IRS. Otherwise you are going to get SCREWED when it comes time for taxes, while LF will be raking in the deductions based on YOUR mileage and expenses ! !

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Leaf Filter - NOT Recommended

Hello- At LeafFilter, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and communicating well with all of our customers. Your review has been shared with management and will be taken into consideration for future jobs.
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard
New Reviewer

On May 31, 2011, Leaf Filter sent a sale representative, to our home in Seattle to give us a quote on replacing gutter on our house. He explained to us the whole job involves replacing our gutter system including install new downspouts for the whole house.

We have a section of the downspout in front of our house, that is a black tube connected to the drain. Leaf Filter sent out their installation people, and the first team told us he would not replace that portion of the downspout after the installation is already finished. We disagreed, they came back and took out that section of the downspout, making the area connect to a another downspout further down the gutter. That fix did not work as the gutter clog after the first rain after the gutter was installed.

Leaf filter then sent out another team to reinstall the downspout but still not replacing the whole portion. After spending thousands of dollars on our gutter, we are still having this black tube under our front door. Had we known that from the beginning, if the sale representative and installation people inform us prior to installation that a portion of our downspout could not be done, we would have NEVER chosen Leaf Filter. We feel that Leaf Filter had falsely advertised their product and service to us.

There was constant miscommunication between management and the installation team. We had a terrible experience with Leaf Filter and would have never chosen the to use the company had we known it would cost us so much time and stress.

In addition to the above, Leaf Filter originally did not install the gutter as promised as well. The rep said that flashing would be installed, and after the first time out, flashing was not installed. The installation people told us that it was checked as necessary, so they didn't feel it was needed so they didn't do it.

It was something we specifically asked the sale representative and told him we wanted that to be done. So, we had to spend extra time getting them to come out and install flashing. Because the flashing was installed after the gutter was already in place, I have reservation about how well that was done. I am certainty concerned about the job.

In addition to the above issue, I have spent so many hours on this job, something I did not expect to have to be doing when I hire Leaf Filter.

I expected them to come out and do their job as promised. Leaf Filter does not provide good customer service, terrible communication within the company and not a company I would ever recommend to anyone else.

LeafFilter North's reply to:

Leaf Filter Service Terrible

Hello- LeafFilter is committed to providing top-notch customer service to all of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our gutter guard product, please reach out to our service and support team at 800-749-4566. Thank you!
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Leaffilter North Gutter Guard
New Reviewer

Leaf Filter gutter protection was the most expensive product we looked at. But the salesman spoke endlessly about the lifetime service we would receive, any problem would be handled gladly etc. It was all bunk.

They installed the product but didn't do some of the items agreed to by the salesman, such as piping the output from upper tiered gutters into the lower ones. We called the salesman a couple weeks later and he couldn't remember who we were and just told us to call the 800 number. We called and they took the info and said we would receive a call from the local office within two weeks to come out and fix it. Bottom line is that we never heard from them at all. We have been unable to get any attention once they got our money. Whatever you do, do not deal with these people.

This is in Charlotte, NC.


Hey I work for leaffilter in North Carolina, I'm not sure what happened there but I assure you that's not the norm, why don't you call the office directly and I'm sure they would be happy to help. We value out reputation too much not to.


Jason, did they resolve your issue? All I can tell is the salesman drives a much nicer car than I do.


Don't listen to them they give you the run around, and make you spend more money!! You should have a local person come out to fix your problem.

(thats what we did) They might know what they are doing and save you the head aches! Leaf Filter North is the worst, they send a salesman out (who likley has neve even installed gutters nor even got on the roof to check my gutters) selling us on the Leaf filter then never to be heard from again!

service is the worst! :(


I am the Vice President of Operations for LeafFilter North, Inc. I was just now made aware of your situation and would be more than willing to help. Please call me at 1-80*-***-****.


Can u get me paid for a job I did ? They got paid but I can't !

And I got all the paper work sighn and took to office and it was pretty good money ! And I got a dollar a foot


You said you got a dollar per foot. Sounds like you got paid

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Leaf Filter

Hello- Please contact our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566. We will be more than happy to discuss your unique situation with you so that we can come up with a soilution.
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New Reviewer

We put a down payment on a work order to hold the pricing of the gutters.

Until at such time we had our new roof on. Due to a medical exam I contacted a Jeff Foster at 1-80*-980-**** and was told to write a letter why we were trying to get our down payment of $656.00 returned.

I did that and have been calling ever since to resolve this matter.

No one will return my calls, I get the **He in not in, He is busy, The Supervisor is out of town.** What we call the Run-Around.

Its bad enough there is a medical issue with my husband but to not address the issue is unexcuseable.

Mrs Estell


Here is a perfect example of why the internet is horrible for stuff like this. This d o p e is looking for Leafguard and now gets on here and posts negative,untrue stuff about Leaf Filter. Now it has been on here for 3 years.There is no excuse for dumb.


Jeff Foster was an employee of Leaf Filter in Seattle, not Cincinnati. He is no longer with the company.

He was let go a few weeks ago. You need to ask for Mitch Reed. He is the owner and GM of the seattle branch and is the guy to talk to, though I am sure he will give you the same treatment.

Jeff Foster is not with LG. Sorry drew, read where she was from.


I am the operations manager for leafFilter gutter protection Cincinnati. All I have to say is this.

I do not have a sales rep by the name of Jeff Foster and I never have. I do not have any customers with the last name Estell. As a company, not just my office we have never, ever required a down payment and even encourage our customers to never put money down on a job before the work is completed. Any reputable company should be able to provide labor and materials for a job without money down.

Companies who are concerned with the quality of work or the quality of there product require money down. We have always been pay upon completion. Now last but not least, to the best of my knowledge leaf gaurd does require a down payment of 1/3 the total purchase price, and furthermore Mr. Jeff Foster is an employee of LG.

Anyone who would like to know more please feel free to schedule a free in home estimate and see for yourself. Thanks

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LeafFilter North's reply to:

Leaf-Filter gutter systems grow moss!

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566 so that we can assess the cause of the moss growth and find a solution to your unique situation.
#206383 Review #206383 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Gutter Guard

I must agree with the other complaint-comment on the Leaf Filter gutter system.

If you have numerous deciduous, pines or cedar trees and get the typical tree debris build up, I sure wouldn't recommend Leaf-Filter! All that stuff sits and doesn't blow off on the next windy day. It gets embedded in the "surgical micro-mesh screen" and grows moss!

True, the gutters don't clog, as the water cascades right over the gutter-cover and onto the area below.

I have to use my "gutter brush" and from a wheelchair, cruise around the entire house and sweep off the gutter cover!


Roger's post was is spot on. Companies need to quit using this site to bash each other.

I have Leaf filter and have never had to clean it. If this post is ligitimate, this guy needs to share the video that Roger suggested.


I don't have this product so I can't write about if it works or not. I do want to mention how transparent the anonymous user's complaint is.

Why do competing companies use this forum to bash each other by posting bs complaints?

If I am wrong about this I would love to see a video of this guy in his wheelchair cleaning off his gutter guard with a brush! If it is true it would replace the old lady in the commercials when she takes her power scouter to the Grand Canyon.


I to have Leaffilter and I assure you my yard has many different types of trees on it. After 4.5 years i have never had any problems with this system thanks leaffilter for a gutter protection system. Tommas

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LeafFilter North's reply to:

Leaf Filter gutter screens do clog

Hi There- LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading, lifetime, transferrable warranty which features a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566 so that a local service technician can come to your home and inspect your unique situation.
#197190 Review #197190 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Leaffilter North Gutter Guard
New Reviewer

I have alot of fir trees in my backyard. Leaf filter guarantees that their gutters dont clog and that only water gets through.

That may be true but over time the smaller debris clogs the screens that covers the gutter.

Then, when theres a heavy rain, alot of the water starts dripping off of the front of the gutter.

I have to drag the pressure washer up on the roof to clean the gutter screens every 2 years. Maybe I can get the service rep over to pressure wash my gutters for me because I'm sick of doing it.


Your first clue should've the cost you could have had the Gutter cleaned for life at a fraction the cost of LEAFFILTER


Leaf Filter may or may not clog depending on the amount of pollen near your house they came out and clean mine for free as they will do for anyone at any time they are guaranteed for life. My gutters flow better I am very pleased if you had problems with them you obviously did not call them to fix the problems


Awesome product! watching it rain right now...

no overshooting! I have have had this on the home now since 2007 could not be more satisfied with this product.

I have oak trees with pollen tassels, never had a problem. Thanks again Leaf Filter!


Leaf filter truth you tube


I had Leaf Filter installed in 2009 for nearly $4,000. Over the last 3 months nearly 50% of the screen has blown or ripped away from the gutters.

Obviously it was installed incorrectly. The dealer that installed it has gone out of business. I cannot find Leaf Filter corporate.

The warranty says it is filed in Plainwell, Michigan but there are no phone numbers. What a miserable experience and worthless product.


Rob I feel your pain.its junk they lie. And charge thousands for fly netting n plastic.

They pray on the old people.

Rob I worked for that *** company. They are *** off's


Hey rob call this *** regional project manager 163* *** **** Joe


They have a 100% money back guarantee. Call them!


Couldn't be happier with the company and the service. I've had them out for one service call. The service reps were courteous, knowledgeable and adjusted my leaffilter system to account for some heavier rains.

works awesome!


I canceled the install before it began. Luckily I really sat down and thought about how much I was paying and canceled within the allowable 3 business days.

I decided that I can have my gutters cleaned for about $150 so it would take more than 9 cleanings to equal the original quote they gave me.

A manager called me and offered to do the job "at cost" which came to about $9.60/foot. I cannot speak to whether they work or not but after reading so many bad reviews I can tell you proceed with caution and definitely DO NOT pay more than $10/foot.

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