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Fort Worth, Texas

Tonight I had the leaf filter salesperson come into my home leading me to believe it would be brief and to the point. The sales *** began at that point.

To keep it brief- I was given the deal of the century. For my 250 near feet, it would only cost $12,000.00. Wow, what a deal. Before it was all said and done- as I escorted the sls person to her car- we were down to $3500.00.

A special Corp deal if I promise not to tell anyone.

If I was presented a fair price to begin with- I would have signed. This company obviously will gowege you- given the opportunity!

Buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I had the same experience in fort worth. These guys are scam artist.

They know their craft and will not leave until they close the deal or you have to escort them off your property with a shotgun. Also, their consumer reports articles are not current.

They completely misrepresent their competition. For what they were trying to sell me for 4,000, I could outfit my whole house from Amazon for 200 bucks.


Aw snap. You gotta grab that special corporate pricing. When is the next time that there will be "a crew in the area with extra material we can install".


Same with us in Augusta, GA. Initial price for 41 Ft was $1630.

Then he made a phone call and price miraculously dropped to $672 if I signed that day. I did not,,,, Scam.


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