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We apologize that you were dissatisfied with your sales experience. Although your experience was unfortunate, we can assure you that it was rare and unique. We have forwarded your comments to our VP.

I have never dealt with a more aggressive sales pitch from the moment they pressured us to sign up at the home show and then the rude unprofessional sales person

Backstory, my wife and I both went to the local home show a couple months ago and we were looking for a gutter guard for our new home that has large maple trees that filled our gutters last fall. We talked with all the like companies and requested more information/estimates, one of which was Leaffilter who was very pushy from the moment we initiated contact with them at the booth. The next day, I must have received a handful of calls and messages from Leaffilter trying to schedule a date to come out to our home. I called them back later in the day after work and told the lady that I got the original message and there was no need to call another 4 times. I proceeded to schedule a time a few days later when I had the other two companies coming out and then the real fun started.

I had Leaffilter come out first in the morning followed by Gutter Helmet and then Leafguard in the afternoon since we wanted to meet with 3 companies to get an idea of the cost and differences in each system. The leaffilter man showed up approx. 15 mins late and after introducing himself he proceeded to walk around measuring the home, after that he came in and gave me a short presentation on their product and what not. At the end he presented the price and said do we have a deal? I said no because we had others coming out, as I said that the Gutter Helmet salesman pulled up outside, 25 mins before my scheduled time with them. The Leaffilter guy who saw him said 'well I see you have Gutter Helmet coming as well" and I said yeah is there an issue. He then went into a tirade on their product saying they voided something with my roof and that they are going to lie to me about their product etc. I have to admit I was a little taken back by his anger towards this competitor and it left me kind of unsure how this next appointment would go. He then said, I tell you what I will give you an extra discount if I signed right on the spot, I responded back that I was not making a decision until I met with all the companies, spoke to my wife, kindly asked him to leave and I would be in touch if we were interested in moving forward. To my surprise as he walked down my driveway to his car, I see him flip the bird to the Gutter Helmet salesmen parked out on the road. Very classy! I just shook my head and laughed at the lack of professionalism of this guy. He sped off and then the Gutter Helmet guy came up and the first words after introducing himself were "I can only imagine what you just went through with that last guy and I want to assure you that the company you just met with is not a reflection of our industry as a whole." He proceeded to do his measurements as he gave me a presentation/video to look out, afterwards he came back in to the kitchen and went through each slide which was very informative and I learned some gutter things I had never thought about. After that, I told him that I really liked the way the product looked and the functionality seemed to make sense but I had another company coming out. Unlike the Leaffilter guy, the Gutter Helmet guy said that is ok and didn't go into all these extra discounts, sign today, etc.....he left me his card with a folder with brochure literature etc and said he would follow up later on this evening. I said great as I needed to talk it over with my wife later on. He left and went on his way, was very professional and did nothing that the Leaffilter guy said he would. As for the third company, Leafguard came on time and was also very professional. The man had a similar process as the others and then he presented a price which included taking down our existing gutters which I thought was silly since we have fairly new ones so the extra cost of the system plus loosing my current gutters didn't make sense. He went through their sales pitch like the others but I again stated I needed to talk stuff over with my wife later and the sale person left and mentioned he would follow up as well.

In conclusion, I conversed with my wife later on that evening and we decided to go with Gutter Helmet since we liked the way the product looked and how professional the salesman was. Also, about 30 mins after we made up our mind the Gutter Helmet sales consultant followed up around 7pm by phone and asked if we had made a decision. I said we were between two so we needed to get the price down a little and the salesman worked with with me, within our budget, and sent over the contract via email about 30 mins later. Leaffilter nor Leafguard ever followed up with me which I thought was not very professional.

Based on my experience I would say buyer beware on this Leaffilter company, at the very least do your research and have the other companies out so you can make an informed purchasing decision. The whole sign on the spot type thing, really rubbed me the wrong way as looking back now it seemed like an act of last desperation since they knew the other competition was coming and they would loose the upper hand once they left, unfortunately for them I was really just doing my due diligence on each company and they the sales person shot himself in the foot.

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You should not only report to the BBB, call your Congressman and ask for their help. Make sure to copy at the TOP RH CORNER of your mobile device the link to your home screen ( so you can copy and paste later all reviews for this company) to your Congressmans website Also post multiple reviews online in as many places as possible.

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I would love to know if you are happy with Gutter Helmet.

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Yea ok. You loved the way the helmet looked as they tore up your shingles and nailed it into your roof.

If you are reading this post and believing it than I have a bridge in New York for sale!



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Who cares


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