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We apologize for the frustration, Debra. We're passing on your concerns to the service team to ensure we get this sorted out for you.
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I had leaf filter installed back in May..2020 It is now the end of September and I have yet another service call scheduled for October. (#6)There have been a few issues with this gutter system..I live in an area where there are a lot of pine trees.

The reason for the leaf filter was, so I wouldn't have to get on a ladder or pay someone to remove them. The salesman even took me to the kitchen sink when I asked him about the pine needles laying on the screening and I was told the system is designed to "bubble off" any leaves or debris on top. This couldn't be further from the truth and so I'm paying someone once again to clean off the needles laying on the gutter system which by the way when the rain water encounters them instead of all the water going into the gutter through the screening a lot of it overflows where they are. Secondly I have an area in a valley that I've had to have 5 service calls to try to fix the water overflowing the top of my gutter.

So contrary to their advertisement sometimes even water doesn't penetrate the stainless steel mesh screening. Then there are other areas where the filter system because it is installed in sections have water overflowing the gutter in a downpour where the sections meet. I live in Florida..Rain water is a big part of our location..So now lets address the warranty..It only guarantees that nothing will get in the gutter, which is true, sometimes not even rain water. Because I was so disgusted with the amount of service calls I've had to endure, I wanted to reach someone at the corporate level who would hear my frustration and uninstall the filter system and issue my refund.

Even the service manager will not give me the name of the person he answers to. You call the "corporate" number on my sales receipt, and they always just transfer me to service. I was looking to have this happen after only 2 months of install but to no avail being told that a refund on this product NEVER happens. To top it off I paid 2300 and my neighbor next door is getting all brand new 6"gutters and downspouts and a leaf filter system installed as well for the same price that I paid for just the filter system on my 5" 20 year old gutters.

I have never been so disappointed and miserable with something I have purchased and feel like even though I have been sold a bill of goods there is no customer satisfaction other than to keep calling service and having someone come out to try to resolve issues. Even though I show them videos keep in mind they are coming when the sun is shining because I understand it's not feasible to address this when its raining, hence the videos.That is not the way a business should be run when it comes to customer service. It's awful that every time it rains I am running to my window taking videos of the rain water that's not making its way into the gutter and out the downspout.

I imagine after reading this I will once again get a call from the same service department offering the same service call resolution and I believe at some point maybe they hope I will just get so disgusted and tired of fighting with this big corporation that I will just give up. Not sure what my next feeble attempt at resolution will be but I'm guaranteed the salesman got his commission and the company got their money...end of story Debra McGinley Job #Tam09364

User's recommendation: Buyer beware and make sure you get other estimates. Once purchased no recourse.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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