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Hello, LeafFilter encourages homeowners to make an informed purchase decision. Therefore, if possible, appointments are scheduled at a time when both homeowners are home. We'd like you and your husband to thoroughly understand the benefits of our product so that you can both determine whether LeafFilter is right for you.

I contacted Leaf Filter to schedule an appointment for a quote. I was immediately asked if my husband would be home before the appointment was made. (discrimination regarding sex and marital status) I made the appointment for yesterday at 7pm. When I called due to a no show, the company had no record of my appointment time. It was rescheduled for today.

Area Manager made several price quotes, especially if I signed immediately. Quote would not be emailed, only hand-written.

Price was 49% higher than neighbor's, which was done 18 months ago.

Area Manager kept complaining that he deserved to make his commission, too. And when I asked about the automatic $200 administrative fee---he finally explained that that covered advertising, home shows, etc. I thought those costs were built into any base product pricing.

When I declined his offer, he left in a huff and used angry language. He warned me that I would be sorry and would be calling him back anyway.

Note: I made complaints regarding their discriminatory practices to 2 employees. They assured me that this was company policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

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