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Hi Ripley - Our customer's satisfaction is very important to us and we'd like to make things right. We are in touch with our internal service team and local installation team to provide a resolution. For expedited service, please call us at 800-749-4566. Thank you
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After negotiating a reasonable price I agreed to have Leaf filters installed on my gutters in the cool month of March. Now that temperatures are in the 80's and 90's the vinyl is expanding.

At the seams they push the shingles above the seam upwards. They are also rippling along the front of the gutters. Much like vinyl siding there are slots in the filters where they are screwed in place. Vinyl siding is nailed through the center of the slot and is not nailed tight.

This allows the siding to expand and contract without rippling. The vinyl screens were screwed tight to the gutters and don't allow for expansion and contraction. I called leaf filter and asked if this was proper installation. I was told they would send a technician out today between 8 and noon.

I called shortly after noon to see if anyone was still coming and sat on hold for 15 minutes. At that time I took the option of leaving a message. They say they will call back by the end of the next business day and this being Friday means the end of the day Monday. I really don't care for the phone tag that will start now.

If I had had seen their warranty before making the purchase I probably would not have mad the purchase. They guarantee that nothing will get in your gutters and not clog them. This is true. You could cover them with sheet metal and have the same results.

What you need to look at is what the warranty doesn't cover. It doesn't cover damage to gutters, fascia boards, roof substrate or roof surface caused by the installation of Leaf filter. The warranty is void if the product is modified or altered from its original installation. That means that if I centered the screws in the slots and left them slightly loose the warranty would be void.

The product does keep things out of the gutter but I do have to clean seeds off the screens. From time to time the screen will clog and water comes pouring over the front of the gutters when it rains and I need to brush the screen to get water flowing into the gutters.

User's recommendation: Negotiate a reasonable price, get a copy of the warranty before you agree to buy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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