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Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay. Additionally, installers are reimbursed for mileage for every job that they complete.
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This company sold a job for 5800.00 which came out to 28 dollars a foot. I am an installer and they pay us 1.00 per foot to install this.

They wanted me to go 85 miles and chisel ice out of a gutter and didnt want to pay me an extra trip charge. Not to mention the operations manager RICK MOSBY lied about the roads being bad and there were 4 installers and 2 marketers waiting for their checks that all drove on the same roads and RICK MOSBY decided just to stay home.

Beware of this company!!!! They will overcharge you and their leadership and customer service is horrible!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #804648

Yes sir previous installer myself worst company ever along with gutter helmet just look at complaints on bbb rusted screws 2 years tiger stripes on gutters after 2 years screen grows mold moss overflow issues *** just look at leaf filter truth youtube


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