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Hi Mike, We are sorry for the inconvenience. LeafFilter does not cause or prevent ice dams. Please contact our service and support team at 800-749-4566. We'll be happy to investigate your LeafFilter and come up with a solution.
Yorktown, Virginia
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Leaf filter came out in mid-February 2015 to install their system, just as they finished, it began to snow (Yorktown Virginia) and accumulated about 6 inches. So being the system that it is the snow just sits on top of the screen mesh on top of the gutter.

When the sun came out the next day it began to melt some of that snow which then refroze filling up every square inch of the mesh and completely blocking the gutter into an instant ice dam which lasted for over a week. This spring the pollen and tree litter falls on the mess and dries and becomes bonded to the mess. Any rain that fell just ran over the top and not into the gutter. I had to go up and use stiff brush and a hose to wash of this baked on much for worry and maintenance free.

If snows at your house or you have any trees nearby I would highly recommend NOT getting this system.

If you are still not detered I would recommed that you don't pay more than $1000 for 100ft of filter. My $100 self installed gutter covers worked just as well.

Reason of review: doesn't work as well as advertised and is way over priced..

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I'd like to know how you made your own?


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