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Hi Jerry, Your unique situation has been assessed by our team. LeafFilter pays employees based on the quality of work.
Boston, Massachusetts
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First off anyone claiming to work for them for over a year is a fake review. I worked there for the past 13 months and I was the longest running employee.

Including managers, salesman, everyone. Why? Because they're horrible to contractor employees. Corporate puts such a squeeze on the management they have to do what they can do to make it work.

And what they do is screw over employees. If you drive to a job and the customer canceled you don't get paid. If there is any leaks ever, you pay for someone to go out and fix it. Not u.

They pay for this by withholding $1500 from your pay check that they won't give you back for a year after you quit. They make you wait a year because they find things to charge you for in the year so you don't get anything back. I did a job for $187. It leaked on one corner.

They took $280 from me to fix it. They say the people who are the best in the summer will get the work in the winter. Lie. If they get 4 jobs they won't give you 4 days of work.

They will get 4 guys to do 1 each on the same day. They will not make sure you work thru the winter. That is a flat out lie. They need to get them in fast before the customer realizes they're getting screwed.

Do not work for them. You will be made promises and then screwed over

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Promises they offered.

I didn't like: Never delivered on those promises.

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Man I had the the same problem, I worked for an rat two faced salesman named joe,out of long island.


The same thing happens to me. I wasn't there long.

My first check was short cause I didn't get paid for the all the jobs I done. And then then next wee the same thing happened again. I was supposed to get over 1000 dollar check and then it was only 400. And the last week I didn't get paid at all cause the back charged me for a small hole in a gutter.

I pretty much worked a month free.

Worst mistake I ever made was doing work for them. They screw over everybody.


Clearly, the company has had employees for longer than 1 year.

Were you an "employee" or a "subcontractor" installer?

If you're just a third party, independent subcontractor you're really working for yourself.


This guy is telling the truth. I got leads for only 6 months out of an entire year.

Seasonal job.

Favoritism on leads. Not a secure job.


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