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Hi there- Our discounts vary based on seasonality and special promotions. At LeafFilter, we make it a priority to provide our customers with a fair price and base our pricing on a number of factors including the amount of stories in a home, whether a gutter replacement is necessary, and inside and outside corners of a home.
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So this is going to be the "confession" of a leaf filter sales person. Under the Federal Whistle Blower Protection Act. Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA). [12 U.S.C. §5567]. Employees are protected for blowing the whistle on reasonably perceived violations of any provision of the Title X of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act or any other provision of law that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Consumer Financial, Protection, or any rule, order, standard, or prohibition prescribed by the Bureau.

I started with leaf filter a few months ago and went through about 3 days of training about 3 hours a day.

The primary thing that was taught was to sell and make money no matter what. No real training on the product itself or the paperwork that went along with it. It was sell, sell sell no matter what let's close EVERY DEAL no matter what.

So I noticed several things in training that did not "feel" right.

1. The product is not made with surgical steel and virgin vinyl. It will warp peel and break.

2. The "sink" demonstration is the "sizzle" for the customer. This is supposed to be the WOW! And a lot of time was spent on this.

3. Intentionally thought to spot out issues with the fascia and soffit whether the gutters caused the problem or not. Made to say to the customer that the leaf filter will solve ALL of the problems

4. I came across this ///

5. The company hires independent sometimes noninsured/non licensed installers. Not the factory trained installers we are to tell the customer during the sales pitch.

6. The discounts are "false" discounts. Here is the formula.

They measure linear fee plus 10% overage. They take that times anywhere from 26 dollars to 30 dollars per foot and that gives you a price. Then they tack on 650.00 for ad=min and discount fees.

So for example a regular 160 foot measured house will retail at $5130.00. Then during the process of selling the sales guy will offer 250.00 off, then another double coupon, then a discount for immediate action. Then a fake AARP discount, then a commercial discount cause they have a "commercial” job going in the same day as yours. By the way when the guy calls the manager to get approved on the "commercial" pricing. It is all fake. No commercial job going in the next day. It is a fraudulent sales tactic to get you to sign up.

How they make a profit and determine how far down to discount to get the sales is as follows.

The sales gut take the main figure time .65% this figure is known as PAR and the sales guy will make a commission of 10% of this figure. If sold at full retail the sales guy make 10% of par plus 50% of anything over par. Follow so far? Now when you crunch the numbers they wash out as follows.

5130.00 X .65 =3334.50 so if sold at this discount the sales guy will make $333.00 dollars commission.

If he sells at the full 5130.00 price he will make 10% of Par plus 50% of the over par. so 333.50 for par and an additional 899. for selling over par.or half of the additional 1797.00 over par price. for a total of approximately $1231.00 total commission.

Hopefully that inside whistle blower info will tell you why these guys are so motivated to sell this stuff no matter what.

I truly hope that this information will help someone.

And Yes I no longer work for them.

And Yes there are many more fraudulent statements taught by management about the product, its warrantees and sales practices that were not reported here.

Bottom line you can look at hundreds of complaints around the net and make your own decision.

Bottom line the price of the product to manufacture and install is about 4 dollars a foot. This indicates that the retail and discounted price presented to a potential consumer is front loaded with pure profit and Huge commissions for the sales team and management.

Do you really want to become a victim of such a deceitful and dishonest Company?? Your choice.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: quit selling you *** overpriced product to the American Consumer just to line your greedy pockets. .

LeafFilter North Cons: Customer service and quality of product, Does not work as advertised, Bad service, Would not cancel transaction.

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Wow...obviously a disgruntled employee because I did my research based in this as a consumer protection advocate and from pricing to training...btw, there is more to the cost of a product than just what it costs to manufacture, and I found ups and downs. .so what's the issue you ask??

Well, surely you are protected and are allowed to say such things but they also have to be accurate. I found every statement you made with the exception golf the price structure to be Verified FALSE. Considering they haven't taken you to court shows that they just maybe be a good company afterall. Btw, the contractors hired...employees have to come from somewhere right?


You said they don't use sub and general contractors but they hire them. When they hire them, they do become factory trained and are now leaffilter employees and no longer are they subcontractors.


Confessions of an installer. Everything he is saying is true.

I was an installer for 11 months. Although they do check your insurance when your hired I didn't have insurance for the last three months I was there and no one noticed. Also I never had workmanship comp. the cost for it is about $5000 to $7000 a year.

What everyone in my office did is apply for work and comp, pay the $200 start up fee, get the paperwork that proves you have it, then cancel it. I was told to do this by my operations manager. It is impossible to be able to pay for work and comp when your making so little $. They only pay $1 a foot so your 200ft that you paid $4,000 for is going to be half ***.

Because the installer is only getting $200 for 6 to 10 hrs work.

6 hours if he cuts corners, which he will. Because no contractor can survive on $20 an hour and pay for gas, insurance, and everything else.


This is the best I could find:

Otherwise, you have to rely on a sales rep to tell you about the warranty or get a copy of it AFTER you purchase it. Figures.

Lexington, Ohio, United States #1139660

Marketing too. Lots of black hat marketing tactics, especially to keep people away from real reviews and promote "LeafFilter managed" reviews.

It makes sense from a "make money" perspective, but instills an underlying feeling of "this is wrong." If the product was as good as they want you to believe it is, you wouldn't have to spend that much money and time to cover up real reviews. Fake discounts.

Totally unethical business practices. Think car salesmen on steroids.


Although some of this is true, the warranty and product are as they say, sorry you had a bad experience, I no longer sell for them but my experience was much nicer than yours. I believe you had a bad management team

to Anonymous #1137833

where can you find a copy of the warranty? it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere on their site.


Thanks for the info. You are spot on just like a laser.

I had the sales rep from MN visit us last week and it was all a bunch of BS and he came up with practically the same $ amount that you yourself used for our own 190'. And his calculator working overtime making all this noise in attempt to convince me he was working hard to get me discounts, I was working overtime myself to keep from laughing aloud while he was doing this phony act at my kitchen table. The rep had to be in his 60's and perhaps older then that but I just had to keep wondering to myself if this guy was that full of himself and thought I just fell off the pumpkin wagon.

The rep tried to be intimidating to me but this was not my first rodeo and after 10 minutes of telling him repeatedly that I was not a push over and I was sure in the heck not signing any sales contract at that time.

He actually laughed at me when I asked to see the "fine print" of the warranty/guarantee and said there was none, it is guaranteed for life, period. Why don't I just understand that and believe him. My response to him was BUYER BEWARE...that's why! He then attempted to educate me about the Mn law and the 3 day cancellation policy and I replied...I know about the law and I am still not signing anything.

Period! I walked to the door and said I would let him know and he finally got the hint and left the house.

I learned very early in my career (now retired) that "if it isn't in does not exist!"

Next day I called the corporate office on east coast and asked for a copy of the warranty/guarantee as I was considering their so called lifetime product for my house. More BS.

The service dept girl said they cannot hand out the warranty/guarantee for leaf filter due to "privacy concerns". I am not making that up.

They just want to get in the door. One final point on the rep.

He actually told me that the State Fair is their best marketing tool and they got 5000 measures last year. OMG!


You are the man. The sales guy just left my house and your take here confirms every bad impression I've had since the first contact from them.

More like a hard-sell Amway networking for gutters. My gut said don't trust them and now my brain does too.

It sort of did already with that absurd claim of 21 million feet installed and ZERO clogged gutters. Even the space shuttle blew up once.


Was this your first sales job? I have had several over the last 15 years.

selling over par with a 50% split plus 10% on base is industry standard for direct in home sales.

It is an older model and it does look very profitable for the sales person. One reason why is it is typically reported on a 1099. this means the sales person has a heavier tax burden and typically no perks/reimbursements/retirement, etc...

Professional sales people budget that themselves, run it like a small business.

Look I don't think that you should have been told to lie though. those stories are common industry "typical closing" tactics.


All true. I hired 2 reps from Leaffilter and that's exactly how they wanted me to pay them.

The sales system works no doubt about it. Very successful company and all the salesmen make a killing.

The installers only get $1 per ft. If only what they sold was a Quality product they could hold their heads up.


Don't be weird bro.


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