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Hello- Installers are paid upon successful completion of each job. If our post installation inspection finds issues, the original contractor is given every opportunity to correct the problem without losing pay. LeafFilter makes it a priority treat every employee fairly.
Charlotte, North Carolina
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Is your personal info protected? Monday I will be posting very important info you should know about leaf filter and the handling of your personal financial info.

This info is coming from the ripped off contractor. Also info left out from last post. In dealing with holding our check hostage until we sign pre-written statement that leaf filter wrote and wanted us to sign. We just wanted to be paid the money owed to us nothing more nothing less.

This is being done to all contractors and if they complain or say something about it, in the words of the regional manager of the Charlotte office "they will be eliminated".

The situation that happened on Friday 5/16/14 was recorded and some of the other contractors have been and will continue to record these such conversations to protect them from being victims.

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What does this even mean?? It has disconnected sentences and most sentences make no sense.

"This is being done to all contractors" means what?

It doesn't say what is being done to all contractors. It sounds like a contractor was dismissed from his job and is trying to blame it on the company.


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