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Bellevue, Washington

We still need to get on our roof several times a year and clean off the screens. Mold grows in the mesh and prevents water from going in and fir needles stick into the screens.

Here is a video to show you. Doesn't take much to plug the water flow and this is the high flow mesh.

Their story about never having to go on the roof is complete malarkey. So expensive, would have saved money to have gutter professionally cleaned once a year vs the thousands we spent to have this system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Filter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Got hawked at the Mpls auto show while walking by their rain demonstration. I was tired and took the hook and gave the exhibitor my phone number even after I said I was not interested.

He begged me to let his rep do a measure. Next morning phone rang and appt was made for measure. Sales rep shows up at designated time. As a "buyer beware" senior, it was all a bunch of BS and he came up with $5000+ for 190' of product.

And his calculator working overtime making all this noise in attempt to convince me he was working hard to get me discounts, I was working overtime myself to keep from laughing aloud while he was doing this phony theatrics at my kitchen table. The rep had to be in his 60's and perhaps older then that but I just had to keep wondering to myself if this guy was that full of himself and thought I just fell off the pumpkin wagon or what? I personally think he smelled money by the premier condition of the house because I smelled his commission breath.

The rep tried to intimidate me but this was not my first rodeo and after 10 minutes of telling him repeatedly that I was not a push over and I was sure in the heck not signing any sales contract at that time.

He actually laughed at me when I asked to see the "fine print" of the warranty/guarantee and said there it's right there on the brochure, it is guaranteed for life, period. Why don't I just understand that and believe him? My response to him was BUYER BEWARE...that's why. I want to see the FINE PRINT!

He then attempted to educate me about the MN law and the 3 day cancellation policy and I replied...I know all about the law and I am still not signing anything. Period! I walked to the door and said I would let him know and he finally got the hint and left the house after I told him point blank..."You are not selling me anything! If I want to buy the product I will buy it but you sure in the *** are not SELLING me anything.


I learned very early in my career (now retired) that "if it isn't in does not exist!"

Still curious, next business day I called the corporate office out east and asked for a copy of the warranty/guarantee as I was considering their so called lifetime product for my house. More BS. The service dept girl said they cannot hand out the warranty/guarantee for the product due to "privacy concerns". I had to hold my laugh back.

Not making any of this up. Still laughing to myself, I started looking on the web and found review after review about how this is nothing more than a hard quick pressure BS product.

They just want to get in the door. One final point on the rep.

He actually told me that the MN State Fair is their best marketing tool and they got 5000 measures last year. OMG!

I would not put this product on my home if it was free.

Reading the review "confessions of a sales rep" is really enlightening. Check it out in these reviews.


stop being haters, consumer reports ranks LeafFilter

number one in gutter protection.

to Anonymous Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #1132380

Actually, Gutter Glove was ranked #1 by Consumer Reports.


I totally agree; my Leaf Filter screens are clogged with alage or small particles and the rainwater sheets right over the edge, and it's flooding my garage.


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