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Hi Dennis – We often have discounts and offers which can drive down the price of LeafFilter as we are always trying to provide our customers with the very best price without sacrificing quality. If you have any additional comments regarding your sales experience, please get in touch with us at 800-749-4566. Thank you.
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Heard about product, went online to setup/get appointment for estimate. When corp. called me, I set up appt. for Sat. 12.29.18 at 9:00 a.m. and gave request for corp. to set up so person would use google maps to locate me (I even requested corp. to have person call me 30 minutes prior to arrival). Needless to say at 9:10 had not heard/seen person here. Called corp. and they were going to check into - during that call, person called me asking where I was at. He had not used google maps as requested and ended up 5 miles east of me at wrong address. Asked him to use google maps and eventually he showed up at 9:40.

Then the sales process of showing me your product, told him I had 300 lineal feet on total hip roof house. $8400 (to my shock) then he said about "did I get a 15% off coupon from corp. - said no I did not - but I said the $8400 was quite high, he then said all he could do was give me a 30% discount - down to $5800+...........

That is when I asked/told him it was obvious your company would charge me $8400 and when I rejected, he dropped to $5800+ (told him I as a consumer did not appreciate the "upfront" testing). He said everything is a negotiation just like my truck and car (in garage, where we were meeting). Was hoping your corp. would give me the "right/final" buy price "first time".

Would hope that your corp. would also develop better appointment setting, follow-up by estimators and also better sales techniques to eliminate "the upfront testing". I am not cheap, but a savvy consumer - just did not feel the sales "quote" process was appropriate. (

Reason of review: Read up front comments.

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