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We truly apologize for your less than satisfactory installation experience. We have every desire to address your issues and get your full-satisfaction. Please feel free to contact our corporate office to discuss your experience further.
Mckinney, Texas

Three weeks ago, I had a LeafFilter rep come by and tell me about the system. He had this great portfolio that with detail told me how they were above all the rest.

With NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS ever! Well, this was not the case with me. I bought this high priced system, and got *** from the install to the failed attempts to correct their wrongs. They damaged multiple roof singles, installed down spouts in different orientations, broke multiple plants in my flower beds.

I actually walked out while one of the installers was pulling a flowering plant and told me he was pulling out my weeds. I guess LeafFilter also does gardening. They also managed to get caulking on my fairly new window solar screens as well as scratch up and chip my newly stained balcony. Oh yes, they also took it upon them selves to break branches off my trees and plants that surrounded the house.

Ive asked LeafFilter to come out and replace the damaged shingles and now they are telling me that they were that way at install. That the clear caulking that they filled the cracked shingles with was just out of courtesy. Please note the way the gutter system pushed up at my roof line thus forcing shingles up. Also the multiple openings and separation in the system that "not even a granule of sand can get through." I've asked LeafFilter to come remove the system and they refuse.

Oh yes, that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION CERTIFICATE that they give you to check off at the completion of install, my installer and LeafFilter rep told me they didn't care if I filled it out. That they know i wasn't satisfied!

So I have a nice crisp certificate sitting here with no Installer signature, Customer Signature or date. just Job# 00103

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you paid by credit card you can just dispute the charges. Keep posting negative comments on social media and you'll hear back from them.

If that doesn't work, call and ask for the owner. He's in the office every day.

Google the company and you'll find his name. They're located in Hudson, Ohio so you can get the info from the town as well.


It looks pretty wavy or warped in a few of the pics. And, is that a different type of screen in the one pic?

Nesconset, New York, United States #1052642

I believe your story. However Leaffilter themselves always likes to point out that these reviews are left anonymously and are therefore bogus reviews left by competitors. If you want to do researchers a favor, then alway leave your name to make the review more credible!


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