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Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention, Gordon. We regret that your experience did not meet your expectations and have shared your feedback with our team. We do charge for services not outlined in your warranty. Normally, we don't negotiate these costs; however, if you would like to provide additional details or discuss further, please call 800-749-4566.
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Didn't want my husband climbing ladders anymore. Thought this was the answer.

Life time warranty, sell your house the warranty goes with it. Ok.

$3,600! OK Good product? Installer was GREAT.

Call us if anything goes wrong and we'll come ASAP and fix it. But 2 years later the cheap screen glued to a piece of plastic came undone. Well the warranty on parts is only for a year. What else are they warranting??

$95 for someone to come out and fix it. Thankfully the installer was very nice and he had a left a piece of the product. So my husband is upon on the ladder again to fix it himself. Forget the $95.00!

And we live in MIchigan.

Snow, ice and frozen leaves on the gutter The gutter guards don't help. What did we pay for?

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Worth, MI

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