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I am dissatisfied because I understood I would have leaf filter all my gutters. When I called and complained about my back porch gutters they sent out a contractor.

He called his supervisor and sent him pictures . He was told

they could not put leaf filter on this gutter and to tell me to call them every

year to come out and clean my back porch gutters.

I called customer service after talking with a few people. I requested in

writing that they would do this or to make easier just reimburse me for the

back porch leaf filter and labor to install that I paid for. They had to send this to someone else.

I got a call from another supervisor I explained things to him.

He said he did not understand why they could not install this on the gutter because they had different size brackets for different size gutters. He knew that they would not put this in writing or reimburse me.

It was like he was not listening. The conversation ended with just call in with a problem and they will send someone out.

I was in customer service for over 20 years and we always tried to get an issued resolved as soon as possible.

I know this review will not help me but I hope it will someone else from going thru what I am.A word of advice if you are a senior citizen widowed and alone or maybe just an older woman alone, check out more than one company plus have someone who is knowlegable about the product with

you or talk to someone who can tell you what questions to ask.

Judy T


User's recommendation: Talk to more than one company and get at least 3 estimates.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Columbia City, Indiana

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