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Hi there - I can assure you that we are not training our sales team to engage in deceptive practices. As a company, we are focused on placing the customer first. Our 3-day cancellation policy holds true and gives our customers the flexibility if cancelling if they wish to do so.If you have further questions about our cancellation policy, contact us at 800-749-4566.
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Wife was not home. I told the Rep.

that I would not make a decision without her approval. He told me that he would write it up and if when my wife got home and decided that we did not want it to give him a call and he would cancel the install. We did exactly that and he will not answer his phone. Realizing I have been set up I took a look at the contract which he had dated for the day before.

The clause at the bottom states that the buyer must send in a written cancellation letter to the seller, notifying them to cancell, post marked no later than 3 days of the contract date or be reliable for a 25% fee. This company is training their people to be crooks so I would recommend not to consider their product for one minute. I will do everything possible to inform potential customers and if you have been scammed make sure to post your experiance here also as they will all help when the Police are running their investigation. I have reported them already and am working on getting this on local TV stations.

This is in the Sauk Co.Wi.

area. Thank you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037635

I've been battling them for 2 years. Now suing them.

Already been offered a pitiful settlement.

Lawyer told me to take it to our local district court where he expects we'll be awarded a full refund plus court costs. Wish more people would hold them accountable for their lies,deceit and poor customer service practices.


Their salesman was a pushy ***. My husband asked him a question and he snapped back "well, there aren't windshield wipers on the system". Should of asked him to leave right then and there!


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