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On 23rd of June 2020 I signed a contract with Cliff Washburn of Leaf Filter. He said they may have to trim the metal roof to ensure water capture.

On 26th of June 2020 the installers put the gutters up and installed the filters. Over the weekend it rained and the water overshot the gutters. The gutters was installed 2-2.5 too low. On Monday 29th of June I texted Cliff Washburn and Cliff said please call the main office number on the contract and they would dispatch a technician to fix any issues.

Thanks for reaching out. On 29th of June 2020 I texted Cliff two more time and called the office for him with no response. 6th of June 2020 I called office and texted for Cliff but with no response. Same day I called Leaf Filter Service Department and they said they would send someone out on 31 June 2020.

It took 3 days to install but 25 days to send someone out from the Service Department. The Service Department sent young kid out, Brian Hoerner and told me they wouldnt move the gutter up.

I would not recommend Leaf Filter to anyone with a metal roof. They could have installed them 2 higher and they would capture the rain water but now the rain water over shots the gutter.

On 7 August 2020, Tony Nelson called on came out to inspect the job the installers had done. His opinion that the gutters were installed 2 too low.

He worked on one section of the gutter, reinstalling the filter plates which were installed incorrectly. He had to install more gutter supports where the filter plates meet. He had to talk to his boss about raising the gutters. On 10 August 2020 I tried to call Terry Nelson but got his voice mail and left a message to call me.

No response.

On 17 August 2020 I called Customer Service and she listen to my problems about the gutters too low and the other 5 sections needs the filter plates supported. She set up an appointment for 9/11/2020 for someone to come out. Later that day Terry Nelson called to check what was the problem. I told him about he agreed about the gutters need to be raised 2 and the other 5 sections need to be supported.

He said he had to talk to his boss and never got back to me.

On 11 September 2020 Terry Nelson came out and installed supports on the other five sections. He said his boss refused to raise the gutters 2.

User's recommendation: DO NOT INSTALL ON METAL ROOF.

Preferred solution: Raise Gutters 2".

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