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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. In order to ensure that every homeowner makes an informed purchase decision, we like to explain our product as thoroughly as possible through a complete in-home demo. This also gives us time to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our product.
Acworth, Georgia

I could not get the sales person to understand that I was not interested in their product. He was rude and pushy and would not leave my home.

If a homeowner asks for the "condensed version" of their sell, that is what they should get. I will tell everyone I know not to sign up for any in-home estimates from these "used car salesmen". I would not trust them any further than I could see them.

They have a spill about how they will come down on a ridiculous price if the homeowner will put a sign in the yard. Then they give you another ridiculous prices.

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Or perhaps educated consumers get estimates from three sources, the same as YOU would do if you were getting major car repairs or any large business purchase. Hard to fee sorry for the "salesman" actually doing his job. Go work at WalMart if you can't handle the job in a professional manner.


why have someone come out if you werent interested? You like wasting people's time and gas!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #819718

If you weren't interested than why did you set an appointment for the salesman to come out? Why do you people get angry when a SALESMAN tries to make a SALE!!!!???

Oh I know. You expected something for cheap and you knew that you couldn't afford it so you blame it on the company


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