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Hi John - We are reviewing your concerns with our corporate service team and will have someone reach out to you shortly to address your concerns.
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I have a contract with LeafFilter to install LeafFilter gutter protection for my home and replace one 6 foot gutter, due to the size of existing gutter.


1- I was assured during a THREE AND A HALF HOUR sales presentation that a team of expert installers and a team for the gutter replacement would be sent to my home. I have 191 linear feet of gutter.

We made an appointment for the following week. I was told to expect the teams to arrive around 9AM and received a courtesy confirmation call the day before. Your advertising, scheduling and sales departments seem very professional. The professionalism stops there.

On the day the work was to begin, ONE "team" of ONE man was delayed, called me after 4PM and arrived at 6:15PM.

He explained why late and was very nice and wanted to get the job started. He worked for 2 hours that day. He returned the next day, still only one man (for what seems clearly to be at least a two -man job) and, after another 8+ hours was about 2/3 completed. Due to a long day and stirring up a wasps nest, the job has been put on hold until next week (I have arranged for exterminators to come out to handle the wasp problem).

2- Roof tiles were broken during installation (which is still not completed).

Two of the THREE broken roof tiles were replaced, third one not mentioned by installer. I only had two extra tiles around.

3- My contract states that "we completely clean out your existing gutters and downspouts. We seal your gutters and downspouts with 50 year silicone." The cleaning consisted of scooping out dirt from the gutters (some clumps still lying on roof that has been completed) and no sealer was placed anywhere. The installer said not needed.

I thought the salesman informed me that the sealer would be placed. After installer left for the day, I rechecked and, sure enough, it is in print.

4- My contract states that Hiopen Brackets will be installed and the salesman assured me this is done to reinforce the gutters and will be placed, probably without removing my old brackets. Installer told me this was not necessary and did not place any brackets.

5- Contract states that price includes cleanup and disposal of existing material. My recycling bin is presently over half full of old wire mesh from the gutter.

6- A "gutter replacement team" has never showed up.

The installer said he doesn't install gutters and that he would try to put an extension on the LeafFilter material to fit the one gutter. He was trying to help and this sounded fine.

When leaving on the SECOND day, he got off the phone with his supervisor and told me that the gutter was planned for replacement. It does not add up that he did not previously know this or that a gutter "team" had not showed up and it was two days after the job was scheduled.

User's recommendation: Assure they will send enough people who have knowledge of the contracts for installation.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 1431 N Market Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834

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