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Hi Joe- Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team has reached out to you and came to a resolution. If you have any further questions or concerns, please call us at 800-749-4566.

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The first of the problems started on day one May 7th, 2018 with the the Product Service and Installation Estimate. The Salesman James showed up in a well aged late model sedan, with no Company/Business Identifying Logo or Emblems on it which should have been the flag warning to steer clear of this Business. The Estimate had been written up and for $1790.00 for 1 replacement 60' Rain Gutter, 1 60' Length of Gutter Guard and 1 18' Length of Gutter Guard. Total Length of Gutter Guard 78'. Every Business contacted since this disaster came to be has quoted using the exact same amount and lengths of materials; 1 - 60' Length of New Rain Gutter and 78' of their type/style of Gutter Guard plus Installation with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty at no more than $900.00 for the Highest Charge Price with the Lowest Price quote at $480.00. I certainly should have done some better research, but with only an average of 1 real day off of work, time is/was not readily available and am getting tired of clogged Rain Gutters, Downspouts and Drainage Pipe soaking my basement foundation from the neighbor's tree. The day of the Estimate the Salesman stated I the home-owner did not need to be home during the Installation which was to be the following day May 8th, 2018. The installation Crew was scheduled to arrive between 10:00 and 12:00 noon. They were not on time, did not call to say they were running late and at 12:25pm I had to leave to run some errands being the only day off of work I generally have. Some time well after 12:25pm the Installation Crew showed up. They installed the 18' section of Gutter Guard and that was all they did for which I was charged $791.00. they could not complete the 60' Rain Gutter Replacement nor Install the 60' Section of Gutter Guard on it because they had no electrical power available. The need for electric power was never communicated by the Salesman James or the Manager Dustin who had called him during the estimate and was the One to set up the Installation Appointment for May 8th. Without electrical power the Installation Crew left some time around 4:00pm before I returned home. 2 phone messages were left by the Manager and Installers having only done a Partial Installation of the Contracted Work. I could not get through on either phone number so I called the West Chester, Ohio Office and spoke to Customer Service who had said they would have the Manager contact me. The Manager never contacted me and only did so late the following day May 9th after I'd contacted James the Salesman. Dustin called and said the Installers would be back and finish up the job on either May 10th or 11th since I'd turned on an outside Electrical Power Outlet. This never happened, no-one showed up or called. May 23rd, Dustin called and left a message stating the Installers were going to return and finish up the Installation on the 24th and if I had any questions to call him. I had no questions, therefore did not call. The 24th came and went, No-Call, No-Show Installation Crew or Information from the Manager. Memorial Day Weekend came and went and on May 29th, I called LeafFilter Customer Service to Cancel the Rest of the Failed Installation for Breach of Contract and told the Customer Service Rep to Bill me for the 18' Section of Gutter Guard not thinking that an 18' Section of Gutter Guard was going to cost me $791.00!!! The Aforementioned Other Gutter Guard Contractors all basically stated the same facts; that the 18' Section of Gutter Guard itself which is Faulty Installed costs no more than $40-65.00 and Installation Charges for that 18' do/would not cost no more than $100.00 max price being it's only an 18' Section.

That 18' Section of Gutter Guard is Improperly Installed and has the Metal Edge Drip Panel under the Newly Installed Roof (Oct/2017) peeled up, out and away from the Roof Edge-Line Frame Work thus exposing the underside of the Roofing Material to Rain Water Moisture, Snow and Ice Build-up from Winter Weather to eventually get up under the roofing and damage not only my roof but the inside ceiling and walls of my home. Also the Southwest Corner of the Drip Panel is opened up and allowing Wind and Rain to Penetrate

up under that corner of my roof. The weather comes in from the Southwest side of my home being located in the Ohio River Valley area. Also the Leading Bottom Edge of the Roofing Material is Up-Turned which in time will cause the Roofing Material to Separate from Metal Drip Edge which will also Cause Significant Damage to my Roof and Home Structure. Numerous phone calls per phone records have been made to this Business and still no resolution. The BBB has been contacted and has intervened and has temporarily closed the case being a Corporate Manager had contacted me but as of today July 16th, 2018 still no resolution has been made and the BBB is ready to "Reopen the Case" if this matter goes on unresolved. This Business States in It's Advertising Claims that they respect both Military Personnel/Veterans and Seniors, this is a Fraudulent Statement Fact. Being a Disabled Military Veteran and Senior, what sort of Business would operate in this "Major Unsatisfactory Nature and Capacity" to include "Over-Charging Anyone $791.00 for an 18' Section of Faulty Installed Gutter Guard?" Answer: "No Reputable Business with True Business Ethics and Integrity which LeafFilter has proven It Does Not Possess."

J.F. Ludlow, KY

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Poor installation and no show appointments, Poor installation.

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