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Hi Debra, Thank you for this information. It has been forwarded to our management team and will be addressed.
Blacksburg, Virginia
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I was by my own trusting nature taken in by someone claiming to be a saleman with LeafFilter .I had been hearing good things about them soooo signed up and two fellows from Cary,NC they said replaced my old gutter's with what I thought the real deal NOT money check written Warranty to follow never has when tried to track down phone disconnected .. I was one of the ones you read of each day SCAMMED even had the now I know fake poster by my driveway .I am angry at myself and have reported them BUT money gone bad work on the gutters.

I am a sucker.BUYERS beware learn from my act QUESTION all never do any deciding on the day they try to sell you anything. The true LeafFilter guy's should know bad guy's out there using your good name

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: JUst to let you be aware I thought I was getting the real product nothing you can do for me MY problem to deal with.

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Nobody can take you serious when you speak or type like that. Proof read before you post. Reactivity loud to yourself.


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