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Hi Mosez, We are so happy to hear that our gutter guard has been an asset to your Pennsylvania home! Thank you for being a valued LeafFilter customer!
Malvern, Pennsylvania
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I've read through many of the reviews on here and have to say, I find it amazing that so many "customers" have had such a bad experience. Our experience went very well. While the price was higher than we were expecting, the installers did a fine job and the system has been working well now for 8 months. We live in the mountains of Pennsylvania and our tree coverage is pretty extensive.

We've tried a few other products in the past and all of them required my husband to get on the ladder in the fall. We wanted something that was maintenance-free and so far LeafFilter has done that for us.

I was told by the salesperson that many of the reviews on this site were actually falsely crafted by competitors to confuse buyers. I was not so sure at first but now that I've had LeafFilter and I read these reviews, I'm starting to believe that many of the reviews on this site are false. The reason we bought was because we read the confirmed customer reviews on Angies List (about 28 real reviews in my area) which gives them an A rating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Guard.

Reason of review: Good quality.

LeafFilter North Pros: Quality and comfort of lifetime warranties.

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Ha. LOL.

If you look at the company's facebook there are a flood of 5 star ratings and reviews from leaffilter employees or family members.

If customers won't post good reviews, just make up your own.


I too have leaffilter and it works great.

Except for roof valleys and areas where leaves and pine needles fall.

It's great on areas where my gutters are straight. But the water runs right over the leaffilter...doesnt go in the gutters...where my roof has corners, valleys and an addition.

Im getting a lot of areas where leaves and pine needles accumulate and rain water just flows right over.

But its great where I dont have trees

to Anonymous #1134861

I love these anonymous people who are getting more creative. The company will come see to any of these issues if it occurs.

My uncle has it on his cabin and they have been out to see to a specific area that was having an issue.

No one comes on here and leaves a *** review like that...

they get it fixed by the company who backs the products performance for life.

This website is so worthless. I wish they would check the validity of the reviews.


Nothing like another employee writing a good review for Leaf Garbage, I mean Leaf Filter. The public is catching on tho their scam. They will be closed in 14 months.

to Anonymous Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #1134334

I am not an employee of the company and I have LeafFilter on my house "Anonymous". Ironic that you accuse me of fruad when you're the anonymous and you say that company is closing in 14 months.

Have you not read they are the 9th Largest remodeling company in America? Have you not read they are by far the largest gutter protection company in America? I would not have invested thousands if this was company going down and out.

I am an advocate for the truth and I'm so sick of the lies on this website not just for LeafFilter but so many other good companies. This website is mostly false reviews and it sickens me.

to mosez7 #1150719

Try and call them for service. See what happens.

Ask them if your installer is still working there.

Prob not because they screw everyone over. This is one of the worst companies there are and you will find out soon enough


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