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John – We value your opinions regarding your experience with LeafFilter. We often have seasonal promotions and limited time discounts, which will drive down the price of LeafFilter, helping you save on the #1 rated gutter protection system. We have forwarded your comments to our service team for consideration. Thank you.

Update by user May 16

Received bid from company with equal or better product which was more in line with normal market. Hired these folks and job has been completed.

Was contacted by Leaf Filter North and wanted to make different offer but told individual I did not trust them based on the first contact and would not do business with them. He acted as though I was not correct about original offer saying he had not talked to the original salesperson. I told him he would lose a lot of business if this is style of doing business. I know I look old but didn't know I looked stupid.

I have already recommended the folks that did my work to others and will continue to do so. I'm done with Leaf Filter North.

Original review posted by user Apr 16

Was given spill on product and company (about 45 minutes) then quoted a price of $6400 and the when asked were given second quote of $4480 if job approved right then. When I explained I did not do business that way I was given a price of $2400 again if job approved right then otherwise we were back to the original price of $6400.

Makes you wonder what the real price should be. I am sure the product and work is good but I am equally sure the original price was super inflated.

I will continue with the scheduled quotes will decide on right system based on price and product. I will never be put in a position of making a decision in the manner I was pushed by your company or any one else.

I can only assume you did not want my business. Thanks for the education on how not to do business.

Will let BBB and others to be aware.

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