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Hi there - Sorry for the inconveniences. I can assure you that this is non-typical of our customer service department. We sincerely apologize for any disturbances or inconveniences we may have caused.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Went to a home show and saw their display. Said they would give a free estimate and wife gave out phone number.

Saw all the negative reviews at home and what other were charged and decided no way. These people have called here 32 times - 2 times a day on one number and 2 calls a day on another toll free number. I have Panasonic phones that record #s received and block calls.

32 calls and counting - does this sound like a company you want to deal with? I can play their game blocking calls, but I'm sure going to let others know, Can you imagine how what these people would be like doing work for you?

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Have you tried answering your phone and telling them you are not interested? Guaranteed they won't bother you again.

to Anonymous #1071584

Don't be wierd


32 calls!?!? Wow, that sounds pretty aggressive. They're probably trying to close the deal before you have time to shop around.


Why don't you ask them to stop calling instead of writing a whiny-*** review with zero complete sentences and improper spacing or punctuation at the end of each sentence? You obviously have no life.

to Anonymous #1067667

I don't care to have someone bug me and constantly ring my phone now 34 times. I didn't think much of the salesperson at the home show and I knew right away it was a mistake our phone number was given out.

If I don't care to call someone back or answer my phone, that is my choice. I don't pay phone service to respond to every *** who rings my phone to sell something.

As far as my spacing and punctuation, I made a few edits and they didn't show up as I wanted to and you don't see them as they will display until you click "Post Comment". Pay attention to the message and don't be such an *** yourself. Are you from Leafilter?

You would fit right in there.

to Anonymous #1067807

Good move. It sounds like they wanted to lock you down and close a deal before you had time to research.


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