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Thanks so much for leaving us your feedback! We are so glad to hear that you are loving your LeafFilter system. You are absolutely right - LeafFilter has had over 150,000 customers with positive reviews on HomeAdvisor, Trustpilot, the BBB, and Angies List. Thanks for being a valued LeafFilter customer!
Paramus, New Jersey
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For decades, my husband had been lugging out the ladder to clear the 2nd story gutters of pine needles and those stringy things that come off of an old oak tree that we simply refuse to have taken off our property. About 10 years ago, he installed some chicken wire mesh that he suspected would help him out with the larger debris that comes off the trees, i.e. leaves, pine cones. While they worked for a brief period of time (meaning they reduced the amount of debris), they never totally eradicated the problem. As we were walking through a street fair three summers ago, we saw the LeafFilter system on display. We spoke to the woman who was representing the company and she took our information. I remember receiving a call from them either the next day or the day after that. The salesman arrived at the scheduled hour and we decided that it only made sense to buy a Consumer Reports #1 rated product if we were going to invest thousands into our gutters.

This summer, my neighbor was expressing her concern to me about her husband who is now 67 years old risking injury climbing a ladder to do the unpleasant chore of cleaning the gutters. I recommended Leaf Filter and she called them out. She also signed up for the system, BUT her husband who is a little more frugal than I am, went looking for every excuse to cancel the project before the scheduled installation date. He brought this website to her attention, and she immediately called me in a nervous state to ask me if I had experienced any of the things mentioned on this site. Obviously, I would not recommend Leaf Filter to her or anyone else if the system did not work. After reassuring her for what seemed like a conversation that took forever, she got her husband to end the requests to cancel the project. They are now experiencing the freedom of not having to worry about their gutters anymore. Thanks again, Leaf Filter.

While I had already reviewed them back in 2011 on more popular (and more reputable) review sites, I felt compelled to leave an in-depth review of my experience with this company, which has been nothing shy of everything they assured me when I met with the salesman. While I am not of the computer generation, I can appreciate how much information is readily available on the internet about companies, their people, and their products. Call me crazy, but when it comes to things like these, I rely on more credible sources like CONSUMER REPORTS and the Better Business Bureau. If I entertain reviews of people who "own" the products, I at least make sure its on a site like Angie's List, where reviews are verified.

Anyone second guessing him/herself like my friend's husband did, allow me to recommend you looking at your regional BBB for a complaint history on the company. Presently, in NJ (where I live), Leaf Filter has only 1 complaint in the past 3 years. That says more to me than anything I read here when I consider the hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who have probably bought the system in that time period.

COMMON SENSE, PEOPLE !!! And keep in mind that no one throws stones at the tree that doesn't bear fruit.

- Valerie McKay

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Excellent point. Reviews on this site are anonymous and get no resolution or follow-up.

A really credible review would be posted on a different site.

1) With the BBB

Filing a complaint with the BBB will force a resolution.

2) With Angie's List or Home Advisor

Similar to the BBB.

3) Post a review on the company's Facebook page These reviews can't be deleted or removed.

4) Credit Card Company Dispute the charge. 5) Attorney General If people had real complaints they'd go to one, or all, of the sites above instead of posting here.

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037674

Who do you think pays the BBB? Sure isn't consumers.

It's the businesses they promote. Ask a lawyer. Of course you're not gonna see the worst reviews. BBB was useless for me.

I did check them out first. What a mistake all the way around.

Glad your system is working for you. Not so for the thousands of the rest of us across the country.


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