This is the second use of LeafFilter for us. We had it installed on our previous home and it worked perfectly.

No problems at all. We were also able to transfer the LeafFilter warranty on the home we sold onto the buyers as an added selling feature. We recently moved into a new home and had LeafFilter installed due to a nearby stand of trees that was clogging the gutters. To date we have not had any debris enter the gutters and we are confident that this product will again deliver full satisfaction.

Our LeafFilter sales representative was prompt in scheduling an estimate, very knowledgeable of the product and installation details and very polite. Installation was quickly scheduled for the following day. The installer was conscientious, knowledgeable and friendly. The work was completed in 3 hours.

All installation details were met as stated and we were fully satisfied. We highly recommend this product to anyone concerned about clogged gutters.

If you should consider LeafFilter for your home, consider the fact that you will also be preventing ice buildup which can damage your roof. – Tim S.

Location: Kharkiv, Kharkiv

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