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Indianapolis, Indiana

This is unacceptable. We want ur company to remove ur entire gutter protection & refund us we will go w / someone else or we would rather pay someone to clean our gutters than for our house to look like this U personally looked @ our gutters & roof when u were out to sell us on the gutter covers. BTW, Shawn that was out to put the ugly things up said we will still have to periodically clean behind the shields. That is why we decided to have gutter covers put on in the first place.

This co had a booth at the Home Show in Indianapolis, IN 2014 . We filled out a card to have them talk to us about their gutter covers. On 2/1 Kelvin came out to sell us on their gutter covers. We decided to go w/ the co due to the fact my husband's sister and b-in-law had the same covers put on their gutters approx 4 yrs ago and likes them and Kelvin was very convincing they would work for us. The installers came out 2/6 in the snow and ice to install them. The back gutter covers poured water on the ground when it rained. They came out again to fix that problem on 2/25. When it rained in Mar 2014 the covers over the porch poured water onto the ground so again we called the co, they came out to fix the problem. On 4/28 the gutter covers were leaking again. On 4/29 the office said someone would be out on 5/1 to fix the over flow. On 5/1 a guy was out and said our problem is the severe pitch of the roof and that we would need shields but didn't explain how ugly they are. Someone was to come out to add the shields on 5/10 but they were a no show and didn't give us a courtesy call to say they wouldn't be out. My husband stayed home all day. I called the co on 5/10 and 5/12 leaving messages to see when someone would be out to install the shields but no one returned my call. On 5/13 a Greg, area supervisor came out said he would be out 5/15 to put the shields on but again a no show. On 5/14 we had a deluge of rain, I looked out the front door, it looked like Niagra Falls pouring water onto the ground from the gutters. On 5/16 Shawn came out to install the shields. They look terrible and are unacceptable. Matt called my husband yesterday 5/19/14 and talked terrible to him. I then called Matt today 5/20, he was so rude I could not believe he would talk to a paying customer like that just because I want a refund since their gutter covers won't work for the pitch of our roof. Matt accused me of ripping a contractor off because we want a refund. I'm filing this complaint because of Kelvin & Matt mostly vs the Co.

An apology from Matt would be nice but w/ his unprofessional attitude that will not happen. I also feel Kelvin was wrong not telling us their gutter covers wouldn't work because of the pitch on our house. Matt REFUSED to give me the name and telephone number of the owner of the company so I could call them.

It's now pouring down rain and the gutter covers are letting the water pour down all around the house. They aren't working at all like the company claims.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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No one in their right mind gives out info of the company owners lol.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #833059

Just had a new roof installed a year ago. They installed the leaffilter system and screwed all theses ugly *** brackets all over my roof.

makes my new roof look like a child did it. Called to complain and the installation manager was very rude and hung the phone up on me when i said so there is not a *** thing you can do for me?

Do not recommend them at all. Going to stop payment tomorrow!

Newark, New Jersey, United States #820666

My gutters 70 feet @ $4.00 a 36" section of material = maybe $100.00 worth of material.

How does that compute to $3000.00 ?? They install in a few hours he says ...

Okay so you work 8 hours and get how much ??? $3000.00 for less then $100.00 worth of material.

Skilled labor at $100.00 an hour ....what should be a $15.00 an hour rate, the workers don't even make $15.00 an hour. So why $3000.00 what should cost $300.00 ???

Cause people are ***. 90 min takes longer then an hour and a half ....da!

to Joe the plumber Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #836624

when you buy a product from anywhere you pay allot more than just actual product and labor, for one you pay for research and development. You also pay for advertising, the cost of insurance to do the job you pay cost and overhead.

there is a whole lot more than what you think you know.

Just for the record i personally know leaf filter is not a great product but keep your complaints to something you know and obviously Business is not one of them. There is not $60,000.00 in parts and labor cost in a new truck but you still have to pay for it.

to Joe the plumber Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #841177

They use subcontractors that have to carry Insurance workmans comp liability and car insurance to meet Leaf filters needs they could not possible do that for 15 an hour. that would be like me telling you that i can buya piece of plumbing pipe from lowes for 5 bucks and you should drive to my house spend your gas money and i want to make sure you have insurance also.

but i'm thinking this should take about an hour for you to install so all i'm paying you is $20.00 that's all you should get. what you bought for $4.00 wait a season or two and you just wasted that money. Sure leaf filter doesn't work i'm not disputing that it warps the screen comes off after awhile.

their whole gimmick is it wont void your roof warranty. This is true but 99% of Gutter protection wont thats just some scare tactic they throw out there but a blatant lie.

to Joe the plumber #849539

obviously this is a bs complaint. I know Newark NJ and its a city with no trees. I also know the cost of Leaffilter and its no where near $3000 for 70 feet.


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