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Gary – We will have someone reach out to you from your local office to discuss your concerns and provide a resolution. Feel free to contact our service team at 800-749-4566 if you need immediate assistance.
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Update by user Jun 03

Follow up since my first review. I received a phone call 3 days after posting this review from Josh a LeafFilter service tech.

Josh came out and made a lot of modifications and adjustments. I still have the splash guards but hopefully, with his modifications, the debris will not catch behind them. With the last rain, there were only 2 places where the water ran over the Leaffilter system. Josh called me 15 minutes after the rain which really surprised me.

He said he would come out and address those issues. He arrived a few days later and modified the 2 issues. It hasn't rained since then so I will add to this review once it rains. I would like to say that I have had up to 8 service techs work on my LeafFilter and by far Josh was and is the most professional and Knowledgeable tech in this multi-state area.

I personly fill if Josh was the service manager in this area LeafFilter would have very little issues with the there system in this area. He takes the customer issues personally and he is not happy until the customer is happy.

That is what keeps your customers believing in your system. In summary, I will not say my issues are fixed, but I am confident that Josh will address all issues until it is 100% functional.

Original review posted by user May 04

I have had my Leaf Filter for about one YEAR and it has never worked. After multiple service calls, I still have water overflowing the gutters.

I have been told by the Service manager that I need to modify my roof ( add roof diverters). Also, he stated that 20 percent of water overflow is acceptable. Before Leaf Filter, I cleaned my gutters twice a year and I had 100% water in the gutters. They have installed splash guards in several locations which help but the splash guards catch all the debris.

So now I'm on the ladder once a month to clean the splash guard because it takes very little debris to clog the screen). In the past Leaf Filter has cleaned my splash guards, but I was told by the manager that I will be charged $95 in the future(Salesman said lifetime service). Also, having problems with the downspouts from the second floor overshooting the gutter also. Leaf Filters Fix splash Guards.

I was told that service would clean my screens and clogs for as long as I own the house. I had the sale write on my contract lifetime transfer warranty and service. The manager said he will not honor the contract. THE LOCAL MANAGER SAID THERE IS NOTHING MORE HE CAN DO.

ALL THE ISSUES ARE MY PROBLEM.1) Overflow 2) Screen clogging due to splash guard 3) And Salesman lied about the service and warranty. I need Leaf Filter to fix my issues.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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