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Hi Louis, If you are still experiencing issues with your LeafFilter, please contact our service support team at 800-749-4566. One of our local service technicians will visit your home again to assess your unique situation and implement a permanent solution.
Summit, New Jersey

I spoke to Joe Roschvale VP of Leaf Filter. He was nastiest person I ever spoke to, his tone and attitude from the start of the conversation is; there is nothing Leaf Filter will do for you.

I would stay away from the product. Because their guarantee is worthless. They did come out to try to resolve the issue, but their fix never stopped the overflow problem. So their final method of fixing the issue for leaf filter was to be abusive to a customer.

I never write reviews on the internet, but the way this execustive handled this issue, I think the public should be aware of the way this company bullied the little guy.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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If you knew even 1/2 of the "behind the scenes" story, you would be shocked. From the way they ILLEGALLY have their "employees" listed as sub-contractors, to the way the sales force is taught to try to intimidate customers into purchasing the product. In fact, during their sales training the company even lies about who invented and patented the filter product, who was actually a Virginia man named Alex Higgenbotham, who has since improved and re-designed his product, which Leaf Filter is NOT authorized to market or install......

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #842138

For the money we spent I've never been more disappointed in a product, customer service or for a lack of better words "half assed". They installed the gutters incorrectly and it took them over two months to make the fix with 3 canceled appointments.

When they finally showed to "fix" what they should have done the first time, they dumped the debris in our landscaped flowers bed in the backyard. They also broke our hose and dragged (I'm guessing) a ladder across another flower bed located in the front yard and broke off one of the high standing plants. Because the debris sat on the gutters for three plus months, they needed to be power washed (which did not happen).

Rather than the gutters looking new for the price and the newness they look older than the ones that got replaced that we're 23 years old!!!!! if I could do it over I would call another company who is local.


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