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Linda – We are so sorry to hear of your frustrations and definitely want to make things right. We have forwarded your comments to our corporate service team and are following up to see when we can schedule your service. Thank you.

At installation (on 7/18/19) a gutter was moved upward toward the roof line. With the first rain I looked out and the water was streaming out like a faucet was turned on.

I called customer service and a tech was sent out on 7/31/19 He took the filter off and redid it. That did not work so I called again and another tech came out on 8/8/19 and said whoever moved the gutter messed up the drip edge on the roof and he thought he fixed it until the next rain came to I called again and I even wrote on the gutter where the leak was the worst and direction of smaller leaks so when the next tech came on 8/22/19 and he used the hose and nothing changed so another call and another tech on 8/30/19. He worked the opposite way from where I had put the marks and told me he could not fix it as he did what his boss told him to do. He also said someone would be contacting me and to date they have not.

One person said it was because of my roof being bad which it was not or at least not prior to the move of the gutter. I have had it and want it fixed. They tell me because the leak is from the facia it my problem but it did not leak prior to installation and move of the gutter. I am very unhappy because this by not being fixed and the amount of water backing into the facia my boards will rot and cause extensive damage.

I need assistance. I am willing to have a roofer fix or at least try to fix the damage done by your company at your expense. I am lost at what I can do except hire an attorney to sue your company for damage to my roof.

Please resolve this before it has to come to that. My job number is GRA10560.

Reason of review: leak after gutter lifted and roof damage.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LeafFilter North Pros: On time.

LeafFilter North Cons: Follow up when the product failed.

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