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Thank you for allowing us to come back out to make things right. Enjoy your clog-free gutters!

I am happy with my leaf filter system. When I had the salesman write up the contract I had him include their television promise that they would clean and re-align the gutters.

A crew came out who were obviously subcontractors who got up on the roof and just put the system on my gutters, nothing else. When I questioned them about the cleaning and re-aligning they told me they only had to determine than the gutters were draining and install the system.

I called Leaf Filter, and they sent out a very nice young man who looked over my contract and then spent another 8 hours cleaning, re-aligning and installing the system again.

I have never had a problem with them and they work great. Be sure to have them include everything they promise in writing in your contract.

User's recommendation: Have them include in writing everything they promise in the contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Filter.

Location: Cassopolis, Michigan

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