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We saw them at a home show and made an appt for a “free, no obligation estimate”. I wanted to see how much this would cost since they needed to come out to the house.

We are new homeowners and I had no idea as to price. They made an appt for a Saturday Morning and the salesperson, George, was very nice and respectful. He brought the price down from $3500 to $2800 and wanted us to finance this at $46 a month for 6 years at 12% interest. Also to get this price we had to sign a contract that day.

We told him that the product sounded great but we could not afford it at this time. He then got his boss on the phone and the boss was very rude and condescending to us. Trying to shame us into signing a contract saying “Why did you have us come out if you can’t afford it?” and “you can’t afford $46 a month?” I said I’m not going to sign up for a 6 year commitment for this.

It’s not that important to me. The whole hard sell thing put us both off and we probably wouldn’t have gotten even if we could pay in full just because of the attitude of the manager.

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If a product works then there is no need to do a hard sell. It will sell itself. To make someone rush into an agreement means there are issues somewhere that they are trying to hide


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