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Hi Mindy, Thank you for your feedback. Your concern has been forwarded to our management team and will be taken into consideration in the future.
Franklin, Ohio
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Had an estimate for Leaf Filter. WE were given an estimate, However WE were give and amount lower amount if we would say yes right then.

When my husband said he couldn't give a right now yes. The guy that came out said "yea I go out and give these estimates, with gutters hanging of the roof and I go back and they're still hanging. all they want is an estimate" I didn't appreciate being compared to somebody that has no intention on buying. Cause we would of.

To me I felt like we were being pressured. My husband and myself are both disabled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Estimate.

Reason of review: high pressure salesman.

LeafFilter North Cons: Rude customer service after sale.

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Seems to be a theme...elderly and disabled. Right?


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