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Hi Mike, We appreciate your feedback. Your input has been forwarded to our management team and will be taken into consideration.
Raleigh, North Carolina
Customer service
Price Affordability

The SALES people are rude with high pressure sales tactics. If you ever did a time share sales presentation it is of the same school of demeanor.

Making you fell bad and *** if you do not buy form them right then, there and now. Elderly neighbor had product installed had few issues with product mesh separating from plastic base after 1 year. But product worked well when it did not come apart. Could of been just bad installation or bad batch of product.

I wanted to give it a try but with the high pressure sales tactics giving it to me for "1/2 price if I purchased today" turned me off as shaky conniving people. Was very rude when we repeatedly told sales rep no. I say look elsewhere for other micro mesh products manufactures.

It is good technology just bad company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LeafFilter North Pros: National company.

LeafFilter North Cons: Bad sales practices.

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