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LeafFilter continuously attempted to correct any issues that the consumer raised. When one alleged issue was corrected, the consumer would come up with other issues on which to base his refusal to honor his contract. The work was done properly and the consumer decided that he did not want to pay for a job well done. Following continuous requests for payment to no avail, LeafFilter had no choice but to take court action. Even while engaged in litigation, LeafFilter was open to compromising and making any modifications that the consumer suggested. Even after the court ordered the consumer to communicate with LeafFilter and allow it to make any needed corrections, the consumer refused to allow it on its property. Ultimately, there was a trial and the court ruled in LeafFilter’s favor. LeafFilter consistently provided proper customer service in this situation and always was willing to address any reasonable concerns of the consumer.
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If by reading this review I could help save just one family from the *** we have endured, it will be my time to write this review well spent. We hired Leaffilter to install leaffilter gutters, soffit, and fascia on our home in July of 2015.

The job was to take 4 days to complete. The first crew completely tore off all the wood fascia and crown molding to our home leaving it open to the elements. There was insulation blowing all over the place. On the third day one of the workers asked my son if we had good insurance, because there was going to be an accident here real soon, this same worker also threatened to burn the place down.

Needless to say a new crew was sent out 5 days later to finish the work. By the end of the 8th day they called the work complete by flashlight and wanted us to inspect and sign off in the dark. We refused. Upon our inspection, there were no leaffilters installed, dented fascia, broken and cracked siding from there ladders, siding scratched from there ladders, several gardens destroyed, missing dryer vent from the second story, and because of the removal of the crown molding there is a 4 or 5 in gap from where the siding ends to the soffit.

Plus lots of debris, metal pieces, screws, nails and wood. According to leaffilter if you look at this project from the road it looks beautiful. So we advised them if they wanted any money from us for this they would have to take us to court. And to court we went, first for a hearing then a trial.

At the trial leaffilter was to complete the work and repair the damages to our home and in the end we were to pay. We worked together and came up with a punch list to repair their work, fix my siding and install new crown molding, but they would not install the leaffilters. When the salesman came to our home he sold us the leaffilter gutters, even showed us a sample of what they looked like and how they would work, this job was to cost us over $9000.00 so how could I agree when the main purpose for us to even hire leaffilter was to be omitted. During the time between court appearances I tried to get estimates for damages and repair but no one wanted to get involved in this disaster.

In the end the court appointed a contractor and there was more wrong with this install than we had suspected. With 70 percent of the work needing to be redone, over $6000.00 damage to my siding, crown molding, and gardens I still have to pay leaffilter over $5000.00. The only concession I received was $750.00 in damages to my gardens. So much for putting my faith in the justice system.

This company is sneaky and manipulative, they even went as far as to forge my husband’s signature on their copy of the contract after I pointed out to them he didn’t sign it.

And also to ask the court for a *** order, in my opinion if Leaffilter would have done good work in the first place they would not need to be concerned about what I would say. Beware

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Gutter Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow. $9000 for gutters and some fascia/soffit work?!?!

That should be around $4/foot for gutters and a couple bucks a foot for fascia.

You either have 2000 feet of gutters or you really overpaid.

to Anonymous #1148671

44a foot for gutters?? i don't think so bud!! get a clue


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