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We're so happy to have you on our team, Albert, and we're happy to hear that you are loving the local team. If you ever find opportunities to share pictures with us on our social media accounts, we'd love to connect online!
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I have been in the construction field for 18 yrs and am now a subcontractor for LeafFilter and I don't understand why the other installers are complaining so much apparently it is the operations manager in the area where you work because I have personally never had a problem with getting paid or being treated fairly and with the up most respect. Perhaps it is the way that you come across to the guys that get your paycheck.

Don't forget you have to give respect to get it. Don't have to be A KISS *** Just choose to come across better and perhaps more professional when you communicate your problems or needs. The WV office is excellent. That's from my personal experience.

I really feel blessed to have a good job working basically for myself bringing home between $1200 and 2500 a week. Take your time and do quality work.

I have never had a call back as of yet. Thanks for the great career opportunity LEAF FILTER IT SURE DOES BEAT ROOFING EVERYDAY.

Preferred solution: No solution. Great product and love the company.

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