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Apologize for the frustration, Margaret - we're passing this on to our team now for assistance!
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I started in April to learn about the product and make inquiries directly from your company, they respond very quickly. I told them that the install would be for early fall and as it is my second home I would be in residence as of 9/12.

I had an initial visit by your rep on 9/14 and signed a contract. That was Monday and install was to be on Wed that same week because luckily you were to have a crew in the area. A women showed up and told me they would not be doing the gutters because there was a seam. Jim G who sold the job took pictures while he booked the job and placed phone calls detailing the seam and was told that the installation would be fine.

It has deteriorated from there. i wrote letters, received calls back and was assured my contract. that would be a revised contract to install both gutters and Leaf filter would be done today the 30th of Nov. between 9 and 11 am.

I only got this done after actually writing letters and sending them via snail mail to every office listed on your paperwork and to the company head. today was a no show without a call, and that is after I placed a call last Tues. to make sure the appointment was on the schedule and I was told it was. As I have stated in other missives it seems like you are playing the "Old Tin Game" or Bait and switch.

You book and can't provide the service. I am incensed and will pursue this where I need to

User's recommendation: Be very careful.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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consider yourself lucky, and did not get the Leaf Filter installed. You would have an even greater dissapointment. Product does not work as advertised