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Hi Gregory, We are happy you are thrilled with our product! Thank you for being a valued LeafFilter customer.
Merrick, New York
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Fact: when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit water will freeze. Sure some water will freeze on top of the Leaf Filter Micro Mesh Screen (which is by the way 100% American made Surgical grade Stainless Steel, the best screen money can buy) but it will also freeze on the roof above the gutters.

Once the ice and snow starts to melt, the Leaf Filter will allow ALL THE WATER to drain into the gutters and out the downspouts. This is possible because absolutely no debris can ever get into your gutter to clog them when the Leaf Filter system is in place.

Leaf Filter North is the fastest growing Home Improvement Company in the US because their Gutter Protection product is FAR SUPERIOR to all other gutter protection products on the market. Their competitors are running scared, that's why their competitors keep writing the lies.

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Reason of review: Good quality.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #972799

Beat it true the product is worthless u guy charge thousands for plactic and fly screens.and you pay day labors $1 per foot .while you make all the money ripping old people off.tell the truth ***

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #972787

U paid thousands for fly sceen and plastic. Held in by glue.the plastic shatters like the the math $4000 or just have your clean for $50 twice per's junk a the sales people are sharks


Sounds like another LeafFilter employee review......what a joke !

The system does NOT work period....Do not waiste your money on the joke of a company. I have been trying to get my system repaired for 3 months.

Terrible customer service !!


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