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We are more than happy to come out and assess your situation and provide a solution. Please reach out to our corporate office's service and support team. We have local technicians in your area that can come out to your home and provide a solution. Our team can be reached at 800-749-4566.
Allendale Charter Township, Michigan

I had this installed at my home near Hastings, Mi where we have massive amounts of trees, I was concerned because the product sits flat and I told the sales person that when he came out my concern. Then the lying started, he told me that they gave your money back if gutters clogged, and they were rated #1 by consumer reports magazine and the wind blows everything off if the rain doesn't wash it off.

Also he said in a heavy rain it will not run over the gutters.

All of these were lies because before my leaves fell and didnt wash off we had a light to moderate rain and it was like I had no gutters all, then when the leaves fell my gutters were non existant. This company doesnt return calls, they lie to you when you call and they dont ever give people their money back.

Monetary Loss: $3752.

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Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1037597

Photos look just like my house. There isn't a comment you made that isn't 100% true.

Customer service couldn't be any worse, they outright lie, they make false claims, don't stand behind their product, don't return calls and when you're lucky enough to get an appointment scheduled, they don't show up. We've sued. Already been to an attorney.

Apparently the local attorney they use in my area is all too familiar with their shoddy product and conduct and offered us a settlement although we're taking it to the local district court for a FULL refund which my layer is confidant we'll get. Consider doing the same, I'm tired of them getting away with this.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #804646

Congratulations welcome to scam filter


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