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Hello- LeafFilter is the #1 rated gutter guard on the market. Our gutter guard system can handle as much water as an open gutter. Our system has been noted as the most effective debris-blocking solution available today.

Leaf Filter not telling the whole truth about the reviews they got from consumer read it for your self and decide is this what you want on your home,

This is what the consumer report stated about leaf filter

Pros disappoint in a downpour

Most of the professionally installed systems use a surface-tension design, where water is supposed to cling to the surface and flow into the gutters while leaves pass over and fall to the ground. Though all were impressive at shedding debris, even the top-scoring Leaf Filter screen was only middling at containing a severe downpour.

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Leaf filter installs flat and allows everything to just sit on it. Try Gutterglove or Mastershield.

They install at the same pitch as your roof.

As a matter of fact in the Consumer Reports test , Gutterglove was the best performance product test. Facts

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Once again, to have a company rep put this kind of remark online has convinced me to stay clear of this company completely. Charming.

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Einstein. If you read the bottom of the article it states Leaf Filter handles 2.5 to 3.5 inches of water per hour.

Leaf Filter does not use surface tension.

This is why these sites need a Dummy Filter for posters like you.


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