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Hi There- We appreciate your support. LeafFilter is a top-notch gutter guard product and we look forward to providing homeowners with the very best gutter protection for years to come.
Merrick, New York

All the ANONYMOUS bad reviews written about the Leaf Filter System and Leaf Filter North are LIES written by Leaf Filters competitors. If you want to know the truth about Leaf Filter, check the September 2010 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine ( can be seen onl.

Also check Leaf Filters reviews on Angie's List. They are stellar. These are all real reviews.

Anyone can write any nonsense they want to try and discredit a good company. Don't be fooled by Leaf Filter's competitors pathetic attempt to discredit Leaf Filter as Leaf Filter is quickly putting them out of business because their gutter protection products are inferior and DO NOT WORK.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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I sold this product for the better part of a year, and can tell you that most of these negative posts are NOT lies. The lying originates at Leaf filter.

The company culture from the owner on down to local operations managers is to start with a high price and keep dropping it until you get a yes. You, as a potential customer, are just a number to them. If you call the office mad - they laugh at you. If a rep gets kicked out of a house, he gets a pat on the back.

The 'factory discount', 'in-stock discount', etc.... all just B.S.

The product is cheap plastic and common mesh. Cancel your order b4 install and they drop price to $10ft.


I checked the Consumer Reports article and Gutter Glove was clearly the #1 rated gutter guard.


Your so *** I installed there product for 2 yrs. every major gutter protection company is #1 in a *** magazine.

Leaf filter does not pay there help in full. You can buy gutter Rx comes with a 20 yr. warranty for 8$ For a 10 ft. Piece.

All aluminum no vinyl trash. And it's 90% cheaper then leaf filter or there competitors. They Lie to every customer. they have told me to lie to them they currently owe me 2000$ for work I done for them

I'm a small business owner who works hard I'm not a competitor I loved leaf filter they kept me steady work most of the time.

But if you get paid 12000 dollars for a gutter and filter job and they can't pay the installer the agreed upon labor bill that they quoted not the installer(They pay by the foot)(and for gutters the installer buys the D/S, gutter coil) (so when you buy your gutter material you get more on the footage when you buy the gutter stock.) so 12000$ all they bought was the filter. Owed 2000 to installer only payed them 700$ which only payed the gutter materials,gas ,and help. And they do this all the time. In every state.Repeat I'm not a competitor I'm an honest hard working American who couldn't pay his bills because of leaf filter *** me out of money every month for 2 years.

I recommend if you ever need gutters Or gutter protection Please call a local contractor gutters are only 3 to 5$ per linear ft. And gutter protection for same price.not this 30$ and 20$ a foot bull ***. Like all the major protection companys. So I urge you to find a local business.

Leaffilter sends there guy 300 miles to do a job and then they come back home that evenin and the installer is responsible for the warranty.

And do you think a installer is going to drive 300 miles to do a service call for free?


Both of these comments are from leaf filter employees. The products sucks at best. And who in there right mind is going to pay 25 dollars a foot for it.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #962305

I too have done a lot of research into gutter protection products. The virgin vinyl, the stainless steel, surgical grade screening and the interior gutter supports used by Leaf Filter all impress me. Not even being asked to pay for the job until it's installed--if only the remodeling industry was this honest!


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